Adopt a productive focus and see the benefits.  There are many reasons for it.  Read my article to see why you shouldn’t miss out on it.

While blogging on self-improvement, I love to share what works with my readers.  There are some ways of doing things that can be better.  Read on to find some tips, and contribute through your experience as well.


Here’s my list:

1. Productive focus bliss

Being in a state of mind when you’re fully immersed and enjoying your task is wonderful.  Think about it carefully.  You move through the process of whatever you’re doing, achieving eminent results on the dot.

How to improve focus and productivity?  One thing that helps me, is listening to serene music.  It doesn’t distract.  On the contrary, it helps to keep going.  Lovely flow music is always welcomed.

2. Concentrate now

Being absorbed and involved in your effort shouldn’t be a chore.  Feeling the joy and seeing the progress is natural.  You know you’re going to respect the deadline for project submission.

‘The average human attention span was 12 seconds in 2000 and 8 seconds in 2013. A drop of 33%. The scary part is that the attention span of a goldfish was 9 seconds, almost 13% more than us humans. That’s why it’s getting tougher by the day to get people to turn the page. Maybe we writers ought to try writing for goldfish!’ – Ashwin Sanghi

It’s often said that as humans, we now can concentrate for fewer moments than before.  I have observed the change in myself.  During childhood, reading books was easier.  Nowadays, I watch more videos and get distracted online.  However, I do make it a must on weekends to enjoy some digital detox and relax.

3. Undivided attention

Whether working on your laptop, talking to a client, or anything else that’s important, be present.  It happens to everyone that our minds wander before coming back.  Think of an occasion when you attended a presentation or listened to a speech.

While it’s normal to enjoy a break and recharge, being established and connected to the present moment is key.  If you want to get the best out of a learning session, be mindful.  Choose the right topic of interest and concentrate eagerly.

4. Time management

Having a well-prepared agenda, to-do list, and calendar are all vital to staying productive.  Keep track of your task completion and know where to draw the line.  Prioritize the important and urgent things.  If possible, delegate the less important ones or postpone them for later.

As a solopreneur and blogger, I work in my home office.  It’s easy to get caught up in personal things during my work day.  However, I’ve set clear guidelines about when I’ll be available.  In case of any urgent personal commitment, I can choose to handle it.

5. Eliminate time wasters

Are there undertakings on your list that have become redundant?  These may be irrelevant and need to be removed.  Keep an updated agenda and prioritize the right things for better success.

I use note-taking apps for better planning.  I also use paper for certain types of documentation.  However, having my phone with me, I can access and update what’s necessary easily.  A short and relevant list of tasks is so inviting.  

6. Do work smart

Work smart for the better.  Stay attentive, and move through all the steps that you have.  Complete on time, or even before your set deadline. 

Use handy software, apps, and tools to get more done in a few minutes or hours. Remain updated about important skills that are relevant to your job, profession, or business. Know the current trends and best practices.

7. Improve performance

Accomplish work, get desired results, yet save time.  Optimize and take full advantage of your available precious moments.  Review work processes, take regular breaks, and maybe reorganize the way you plan your day.

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Being a blogger, I can try out new hacks for better self-improvement.  I experiment and find rewarding methods of my own.  This is one of the perks of being able to control my agenda as I please.

8. Quicker results

Instead of getting distracted often and unfruitfully, move closer to your goals.  If you used to complete a particular task in 30 minutes, wouldn’t it be great to do so in as little as 20 minutes?  If you gain even better results, it’s ideal and fantastic. 

The human mind does go astray.  It needs to daydream a little, feel replenished, and get back to awareness.  However, the more you look at your phone unnecessarily, checking social media and emails, you lose minutes.  Controlling such habits is beneficial.

9. Avoid burnout

You need to take regular breaks as these are vital.  Take in some fresh air, drink water, and stretch your legs.  Come back to your work desk, feeling fresh again.

When you have to clock out, do so if possible.  If you work at the office, try to leave on time.  If you work from home, you need to set boundaries for wellness reasons.

10. Better self-care

When it comes to self-improvement, self-care is essential.  They go hand in hand.  To be on top of things, you should feel your best.

Drink enough water daily, eat healthily, exercise, have proper sleep, and breathe fresh air.  These are some basic, yet crucial habits to enjoy.  You have to be fit to be able to perform and meet objectives.

Contemplate these ideas and hacks.  What are you already practicing?  If there’s anything that you can incorporate into your daily routine, why not start today?


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  1. This is something I’m always working on! I can sometimes end up down a rabbit hole doing something that is sucking up time, and definitely not on my to-do list! Great post on the why around being productive. Thanks!

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