Aren’t you keen on always smiling and being cheerful? You deserve a happy life,.. yet sometimes things don’t go your way. While you can’t control your life to 100 %, you can, however, work on making things more pleasurable for yourself. Spend time on these activities…

I’m a blogger sharing tips on life, self-improvement, and self-care. In this blog post, I’ll list 22 activities that will make you jolly:

1. Cardio

Physical exercise is a great way to stay fit. It also stimulates your happiness hormones.

2. Proper sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep of around 8 hours daily. Poor sleep affects your concentration and could lead to a bad mood.

3. Nutrition

While not an activity in itself, do ensure a daily healthy/balanced diet with plenty of water. Avoid excessive intake of caffeine, alcohol and sugary foods.

4. Yoga

Yoga brings holistic benefits. It relaxes your mind and is conducive to good emotional health.

5. Laughter therapy

Originally from yoga practice, this activity induces happiness and well-being. Practice on your own, or better still, join a local group.

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Courtesy of Canva. 22 activities that support your happiness, Tips from Sharvi.

6. Meditation

Meditate to calm down, relax and feel serene. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, take the time to focus on your self-care.

7. Mindfulness

Practice mindfulness daily. Find happiness in small things, such as enjoying your cup of coffee. Live mindfully for the better!

8. Journaling

Keep a journal to express your feelings. Gratitude journaling helps you to focus on what you already have.

9. Affirmations

Repeat affirmations every morning to duly believe in yourself. Your true value is immense! Become the best version of yourself.

10. Celebrate success

Achieve your set goals. This gives you satisfaction for all your hard work and patience.

11. Sunshine

Take a morning walk in your garden… Exposure to sun rays helps fight against winter blues.

12. Hobbies

Find and practice the right hobbies for yourself. It helps you to enjoy and feel complete.

13. Blog

Express yourself through blogging. You’ll learn more about your chosen topic and also make friends in the process.

14. Poetry

If you enjoy writing poems, then do so… It’s an incredible way to communicate your emotions. You may instead prefer to read the work of other people if writing isn’t your thing.

15. Songs

Sing your favourite songs to relive precious moments. To feel cheerful, prefer happy ones!

16. Music

Play instruments yourself or listen to your favourite musicians. If you’re great at it, then why not take it up professionally or start a side-hustle?

17. Dance

Join dancing classes, go to the nightclub or make yourself happy at home. You can even dance all by yourself, in your pyjamas… it’s fun!

18. Arts/crafts

From drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery… you have a wealth of activities to choose from!

19. Shopping

This is known to help against stress (especially for ladies). However, do consider your budget. You could prefer to window shop, compare quality and price, and then make a purchase.

20. Volunteering

Help out at your local community, church or other religious institutions. Joining a Non-Governmental Organisation to support a cause that you genuinely believe in, will give you satisfaction.

21. Get-together

Meet family and friends. One of the most precious ways of experiencing joyfulness is rejoicing with close ones!

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Courtesy of Canva. 22 activities that support your happiness, Tips from Sharvi.

22. Hugs

Hugs are a special way to communicate affection. When truthful, it gives loads of comfort and reassurance.

More activities…

Think of the things that make you smile wholeheartedly… Everyone’s different, so you may want to add on to my list by finding some of your own. Practice daily/regularly and feel the difference!


Choose happiness and embrace the right activities that are conducive to it. You won’t regret doing so! Do you have any tips to share? Please do so. Thank you!!

Photo/Image courtesy: Canva


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36 thoughts on “22 activities that support your happiness

  1. So true. It’s hard to do these what with work and life but they should definitely be part of our lifestyle. I need to resume yoga and cardio.

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  2. This is a great list and I can understand that many will affect how we feel. I’m struggling to get enough sleep at the moment, I may be a bit stressed. I’m hoping this passes soon as I’m struggling to get through the days now. I’m quite a happy person though so don’t do bad moods often.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for this post, Sharvi. Love laughter therapy! We used to play a game with friends in high school where each person put her head on the stomach of another around a circle. Within minutes we’d all be laughing. May reinstate that with friends now! -Rebecca

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