While I blog about ‘tips to make your daily life easier!’, I’ll focus on personal development and professional life in this post. Why? Because I’m sure that while looking for life tips, your professional progress must be one of your top priorities!

I’m always reading, learning new things and putting them into practice myself. I’ll share 10 of my published blog posts, that are geared towards your professional betterment:

1. To set goals for yourself, read set-the-right-goals-for-next-year.

2. To be in line with your set goals, see 10-daily-habits-for-productivity.

3. Perseverance is key! Find out more at 10-reasons-to-persevere.

4. Can you always avoid the unwanted? Learn about problem-solving techniques, by clicking on solve-your-problem-in-7-steps.

5. Find the importance of careful listening in the communication process, through a story at a-story-on-effective-communication.

6. Are you a book lover? Find 8-reasons-to-read-daily.

7. Don’t be afraid to take risks! Find out why at 5-ways-failure-helps-success.

8. Do you work from home?… Find 8-advantages-of-working-from-home.

9. Are you glued to your screen all the time? Read about need-for-a-digital-detox.

10. To benefit from the importance of building contacts, read networking.

To sum up, I dedicated this blog post to introduce/remind you of what I’ve already published on professional life last year in 2018. I wish you a great start in 2019! Would you like to share how you find the New Year so far, as far as your professional aspirations are concerned? Please do so. Thank you!

Editor’s Note: This post has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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36 thoughts on “10 things to note about personal development

  1. Hey Sharvina, Thank you so much for sharing all these links. It seems like your blog is everything one needs to improve himself. I just read your article https://tipsfromsharvi.com/2018/08/25/8-reasons-to-read-daily/ | I love to read books, and I enjoyed reading your blog very much… All of the eight reasons are true. Especially, I couldn’t agree more with the last one. Reading does help you in blogging, It explores one’s thinking, and inspires that person to write more. Thanks again for sharing! Have a good day!

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  2. This is a really great post! I was particularly interested in the article on problem solving. We sometimes get so caught up in goals that we forget that sometimes things won’t work out the way we planned. I know that I can sometimes get stuck when encountering a problem. This is a good reminder to plan for it!

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