Why are self-management skills crucial?  They help you both, in your personal and professional life.  Everyone, even solopreneurs (working alone) benefit.

I’ll first go through the personal side.  Later in this article, I’ll focus on the professional side.  I’ll highlight and give examples of how a solopreneur benefits. 

As I blogger and solopreneur, I live by it every day.  For over nine years, I’ve faced lots of situations that prompted me to find my way out.  I had to learn and experience better approaches and practices.

On my blog, I share self-improvement with my readers.  Operating from your home office and on your terms, you need to take initiative.  Anyone else can also find helpful ideas for themselves from this post.

Personal life

Let’s dive into it.  You benefit from self-control in endless ways.  Countless situations need such an approach.  It’s an attitude for the better, as you take things into your hands, mindfully.

1. Better productivity

Productivity in your personal life is essential.  It can be even more when you perform from your abode.  There tends to be a very blurry line between the two.  For example, you leave your table after breakfast, and in less than one minute, you’re in front of your laptop.  

Adopt the right habits to save time, and work smart.  Download the ultimate daily checklist, and find helpful hacks for better productivity.  Quickly learn and put to practice.

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2. Emotional intelligence

Being thoughtful pays off.  It’s often said never to speak when you’re angry.  Never make a promise when you’re sad.  Emotions can sometimes mislead anyone to take regretful steps.

There are, of course, many reasons for listening to your heart.  It’s natural.  However, there are times when self-control can help avoid undesired consequences.

3. Positivity

Positivity may sound cliche.  However, it’s a simple mindset that can make a huge difference.  You either believe you can or you can’t achieve something.  When positive, you already have a better chance to succeed than those who never even try.

4. Better relationships

Emotional self-management can support the quality of your relationships.  Be it with close ones at home, your spouse, kids, or pals, understanding is crucial.  Even as a solopreneur working alone, you have to communicate and even sometimes meet up with others.


Professional life

5. Stress management

Working in a corporate office can sometimes be hectic.  Working from home is the same.  When you operate alone in your home office, you can face burnout.

Stress can happen to anyone.  Know where to draw the line.  Take regular breaks, and have a life outside of your professional activities.  Incorporate yoga and meditation into your morning routine.

I have a great home garden with greenery and flowers that relaxes me.  Leaving my desk to relax, drinking water, and getting back, helps me to feel fresh again.  

6. Time management

Getting things done, or rather doing them all on your own, and on time can get messy.  If you don’t finish one thing on time, all the others after can get delayed.  When you see that you’re short on time, you may end up not completing all.  Else, you may even feel tempted to rush through them all and end up with poor quality.

I work with a time calendar instead of a list of things to complete for the day.  Having a time frame helps immensely.  I prioritize and focus on those I need.  In case I must, I postpone the ones that can wait for the next day or week.  

If you get caught up for too long in a task, you might not realize it.  I use a helpful tool to nudge me.  Find out more in my other article, about this special productivity app!

Woman meditating. Text: Why self-management skills are important: 12 benefits, tipsfromsharvi.com.
Woman meditating

7. Decision-making

Certain decisions can be crucial.  When you invest time and money, it’s a risk.  Take calculated risks.

Blogging requires time.  When you start a new blog, you can expect to wait for months, if not a few years to see desired results.  You don’t want to waste time on unfruitful things.

Alone in your home office, you might not have a team to brainstorm ideas.  Networking with others is often helpful.  It can be time-consuming.  However, if done properly, brings mutual support.

You can even join Facebook groups and post your questions.  Many have helped me.  Reddit and Quora are also interesting places to find and provide support.

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8. Problem-solving

In addition to decisions, problem-solving is another essential skill.  Making choices by selecting the best possible option can be momentous.  When you plan your strategy, your daily actions have to align with it.  

I find using frameworks extremely helpful.  I once attended an interactive workshop on problem-solving skills.  Over two days, we were introduced to methods and practiced solving in groups.  In another post, I illustrate a creative problem-solving process using a simple story example.

Applying such techniques to real-life situations supports better quality decisions.  For example, I considered investing in a new tool for my blog.  Following proven steps gave me a better picture of the different alternate benefits available.  I could then finally select the best tool for myself.

9. Embrace change

The word ‘change’ itself often brings a feeling of resentment.  Who wants to go through unwanted changes?  However, these could sometimes be best.

When you’re used to doing things in a certain way, it feels easy.  Life goes on smoothly.  You feel comafortabe.  Then, the process becomes redundant.

Change can also be a catalyst.  If you find opportunities in them, they’re easier to embrace.  Sometimes, no matter how you reject them, you might have to adopt them sooner or later.

Embrace a lifelong learning attitude.  It generally tends to be easier to adapt at a young age.  Over time, it can be more demanding.  Through a love for self-improvement, you’re naturally more open to building skills.


10. Strategic goals 

Goal-setting is essential for achievement.  If you don’t have a clear map and plan, it can be hard to remain focused.  Consider your aims carefully before going for them.

With an online business or gig, you have access to stats.  Google Analytics, for example, shows you how many site visitors you get.  Make use of the information for the better.

Being on your own in a business or side hustle can be confusing.  You might sometimes have to do it all by yourself and in less time.  Finding a VA can help with delegating.  Automating certain tasks also saves time.

I set my goals and break them into smaller actions.  If I find that I require new skills, I learn them.  I prioritize according to the goals that I set, focusing on priorities.

11. Self-motivation

Motivation is great.  It keeps you going.  However, there are times when the level decreases.

Self-motivation is better.  Choose your activities carefully.  Know where your purpose lies, as you’re likely to persevere despite hard times.

12. Discipline 

In addition to being self-motivated, embrace discipline.  It supports you all the way.  When you don’t feel like doing something, having the proper habits make a difference.

When you aim at waking up early to meditate but don’t feel like it, work smart.  Take out your yoga mat the night before and place it in advance.  It will feel easier to wake up and enjoy a session the next morning.

When it comes to working smart in your home office, there are some handy hacks.  I keep my space decluttered, as I feel relaxed that way.  Having only a few stationeries that I use often nearby, is convenient.  Proper air ventilation and a lovely view of my garden from the window are delightful.

Find what creates a better environment.  Make it happen for yourself.  Embrace daily habits that are conducive to success.


If you need more support, download the productivity checklist today to get better results.  Life can get in the way, sometimes.  Boost your self-management skills for the better.

Plant leaves. Text: Why self-management skills are important: 12 benefits, tipsfromsharvi.com.
Plant leaves

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