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Flow state triggers help you in many ways.  Focus better, get more done in less time, and see desired results.  Work smart to reach your goals, and avoid burnout simultaneously.

I’ve operated in my home office for over nine years (at the time of writing).  Working on my terms is key to my life purpose.  I’ve seen the benefits of adopting great habits, conducive to productivity.

My self-improvement blog is a wonderful way to connect with my readers.  I gain much from finding better ways and sharing them in my articles.  Learning is ongoing and the feedback I receive is valuable!

Work smarter

You must have heard a popular saying ‘work smarter not harder’.  Being in the zone is a great way to achieve that.  When you’re focused and performing, you can see how well you progress. 

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Flow state triggers

Some habits help stimulate and support you in getting into better focus.  Indeed, it’s something that I give much credit to.  Who doesn’t want to optimize time and performance for desired results?

Here’s my list:

1. Organized office

Have a thoughtfully well-organized space.  I love having my home office with minimalism.  The less, the better.  This could be different for everyone.

I keep only what I need often at hand.  My desk is never cluttered.  Desktop and a few stationery are always near.  I store all files in a cabinet and get them only when needed.

This is great for my concentration.  If you’re the messy type, you may prefer clutter.  Adopt whatever works best for you.  

2. Regular breaks

Take enough breaks.  Move away from your desk.  Breathe in some fresh air and move your limbs.  Avoid eye strain.

3. Drink water

Take a few sips of water often.  It helps to fight dehydration.  Feeling relaxed, I tend to have more vitality.

4. Focus music

Listen to the right type of sounds, and get into a flow state.  When I use Centered, I gain from scientifically-designed music.  It enables great concentration.

I was already using the app for months before working with the brand.  The audio was what prompted me to start an account.  I then discovered other helpful features!

5. Productivity Coach

While completing tasks, there may be no one with you.  However, a virtual coach can support you conveniently.  I found mine on Centered.

Pick your favorite coach and join a community.  Flow together.  Centered has a range of groups that you can choose from.

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6. Minimize distractions

Block out unnecessary notifications.  To get the best out of yourself and in less time, say no.  Don’t be under the pressure to be everywhere all the time.

When you operate from home, there can be interruptions.  I set boundaries and only attend to urgent matters.  Having a schedule is crucial.  

7. Meditative productivity

Flow state and meditation have common ground.  Practicing mindfulness clears the mind.  Yoga is another activity that I enjoy.

Mediation can support working smart.  It helps better concentration.  When you focus, you can give the best of yourself. Find more such activities to enjoy at home.

8. Clear goals

Knowing well what you have to achieve is the first key step.  How will you spend time, energy, and resources unnecessarily?  Simple as it may seem, it could happen to anyone.

Business persons invest money in new projects.  They have to carefully test the feasibility beforehand.  A solopreneur, blogger, freelancer, or anyone else does the same.

Even in your personal life, your life goals, and resolutions are crucial.  I often tell my readers how I spent years in the corporate world, without much meaning.  However, I, later on, found what I was looking for.

9. No ambiguity

Ambiguity causes a waste of time.  It can also result in doing the wrong tasks.  For example, having clear roles tell you what is expected of you.  

If you’re employed, the tasks you carry out should be well-defined.  Communication is key.  Giving feedback is also needed.

If you work on your own, take time to review your needs.  It would be regretful to spend much time on something, only to realize that it wasn’t required.  It may sound silly, but working in a silo can sometimes be confusing.

Activities to enjoy

Some activities are known to induce getting in the zone.

Here are some examples:

10. Sports

Observe the best sportspersons.  See how absorbed they are.  Learn from them.   

11. Music

You may play or listen to mesmerizing sounds.  Do you feel enchanted?  Are you spellbound?

12. Dance

Remember your first time at the nightclub?  If you’ve ever taken dancing classes, which style do you prefer?  Do the steps flow naturally?

13. Gardening

The act of planting, watering, and caring for nature is noble.  We always hear about the dangers to the planet.  Have such a hobby and reap multiple benefits.

I’m a fervent garden hiker.  I love strolling in my yard.  You’ll often see photos of nature on my channels.

14. Reading

Reading something interesting, you’ll feel engrossed.  It could be a great novel that’s so well-written.  It could also be a non-fiction, self-help book.

Books can take you to different places.  You visit new worlds, being in your living room.  These are special experiences!

15. Solve puzzles

Ponder and find solutions.  These are great and can sharpen the brain.  Strengthen wisdom and sagacity.


Productivity is key to achieving the best result.  Join Centered today and use my code SHARVINA20 to claim the 20% discount.  Make the most of flow state triggers for the better.


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