Learn photography skills, for personal and professional benefits. As a blogger or solopreneur, you can make the most of it, as anyone can. However, can you learn photography on your own? Read on to see how I do!

Through my blogging and solopreneurship journey, I’ve seen how crucial illustrations are. As a former owner of a home shopping website, showcasing my products was a must. My needs have changed, as I now work with digital products. However, using my smartphone camera is inevitable.

Let’s see how you can learn photography techniques:

1. Online courses

One evident way to progress at your pace is to opt for online learning photography. It often is an affordable alternative to physical classes. I’ve progressed through an online course that I bought on Udemy. It was created by Phil, William, and Sam of Video School.

Disclosure: ‘I’m a participant in the Udemy Affiliate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for my blog to earn fees by linking to Udemy.com.’ – FTC disclosure for Udemy Affiliates

Take a look at:

Photography Masterclass: 

A Complete Guide to Photography

This is a terrific online professional photography course. You learn how to take amazing photos. I’m developing my existing skills and chose to use my smartphone for now.

Currently rated 4.7 stars, it has 64 333 ratings, and 328 582 students (time of writing). If you check later, the figures are likely to change. You can get started with any equipment you already have.  

2. All levels

The lessons cover so much. Anyone from beginners to advanced levels will benefit. The good news is that even if you get so much in the package, you can easily select and focus on your specific needs, saving time.

I aim at using my smartphone and doing basic editing. If you prefer using a DSLR or mirrorless camera, there are also tips for you in the course. Editing lessons include basic to more advanced techniques. 

My garden inspires me. If you’ve ever visited my Instagram channel, you must have noticed nature. Blue sky, cotton clouds, greenery, and flowers are all over!

3. Learn solo

Do you ever ask yourself “can I learn photography on my own”? It can be intriguing. There are reasons for attending physical events. However, if you choose to, you can also do so from the comfort of your home.

There may be certain things that are conveniently done face-to-face. However, I develop my skills from home. I found a handy way, which I’ll share with you in this article. 

You can do much, if not all, compared to lessons held in a classroom. Learning online and practicing supports me. The Video School online course has helped me progress much.

4. Choose sections

On top of the the product page, you can quickly go through what you’ll learn. The description below is more detailed, telling you what’s included. 

The course covers so many styles of photography. You can expect portrait photography, long exposure, landscape, product, low light, wildlife, night, DSLR, mirrorless, smartphone, and more. I choose to focus on what I use for my Instagram. 

When logged in as a student, you’ll see the list of sections under the course content. Take each one to complete the whole course. You can also choose those that you prioritize and focus on them. If you complete it all, you can get a Udemy certificate to showcase your skills.

5. Guidebook

Alongside video lessons, there’s a guidebook. I downloaded mine and saved it.  It’s helpful to skim over and find specific tips that I want to revisit.

The workbook is very informative. You’ll find photos and illustrations of the techniques. As in the description, it supports beginners to advanced photographers.

Depending on the goals you set for yourself, choose how to proceed. I aim at taking photos with my smartphone and doing basic editing. If you want to use a DSLR or mirrorless camera, with more advanced techniques, go for it.

Small camera. Text: Learn photography skills on your own: 10 examples, tipsfromsharvi.com.
Small camera

6. Access to community

Learning on your own doesn’t have to be completely alone. I chose to develop my skills at home. However, with Video School, I have support.

Through the Udemy course, I was given access to a community. It’s great for feedback. Put the techniques to practice, take photos, edit, and ask others about your work.

7. Challenge yourself

Join photo and editing challenges. It helps to improve with practice. Support each other. Ask for feedback, and share your tips as well.

8. Grab free presets!

As a student, I can see a newly added section. It’s a bonus with some free Lightroom presets. I remember that when I first bought the course, it wasn’t there. However, when I logged in today (time of writing), I enjoyed a pleasant surprise!

9. Monetize your skills

As a blogger or vlogger, photos can be a part of your content. Stock photos are great to use. However, there are times when originality proves to be more valuable.

When working on a brand sponsorship, you might prefer to show how you use the product. I normally work with digital products. If you work with physical products, you need to show yourself holding them.

I found a section that introduces starting a photography business. I currently don’t plan on selling photos. However, it could be an interesting option for other students.

10. Hobby photos

If you’re not keen on monetizing your skills, you may choose to hone them anyway. As a hobby, you can enjoy yourself. It can also grow into a side hustle.

Impress and pamper your close ones. Take out your camera at parties and family gatherings. Capture those precious moments into memories.

I used to take photos in my childhood. I, therefore, have had some skills for years. This course has strengthened my knowledge. Although all I need is a basic level of learning, I received more to choose from.


Being a blogger, solopreneur, or anyone else, you can benefit from taking photos. It can also be just for fun. Polish your expertise, based on the goals you set.

Do you want to learn photography from scratch? The online course is suitable for all levels. Boost your skills, shop for the online course that I use, and recommend.  

Tripod stand. Text: Learn photography skills on your own: 10 examples, tipsfromsharvi.com.
Tripod stand

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