How to habit stack?  Everyone benefits, and bloggers too!  If you ask yourself what this approach is and how to use it, read on.

Being a solopreneur for over nine years (time of writing) has been a blessing.  While I had some experience in the corporate world, moving to work on my terms was part of my life purpose.  I’ve been blogging for five years now.

Being on my own, I had the flexibility and enjoyed it.  I also always have to hold myself accountable for my progress.  I, therefore, developed crucial ways to operate in my home office.

Here are some key hacks for bloggers (anyone can also adapt to their specific needs):

1. Does habit stacking work?

Without using better methods of doing things, you could waste hours.  Productivity is key, as well as the quality of your results.  Through some habit stacking tips, you can embrace better workflows.

When adopting better practices, there could be hurdles.  When you’re used to doing things a certain way, there could be resistance to change.  Use habit stacking ideas to make your process easier.  Yes, it works.

The idea is simple.  Stack a new behavior on top of an existing one.  It tends to have better results even in the long term.


2. Choose to focus

Pin down one or two habits you want to prioritize.  You can later on stack more habits on them.  This will look like a chain or series of tasks that flow easily and naturally, one after the other. 

Starting with something that you already practice, makes it easier to add another right after.  When you have an effortless start, the next step often seems convenient.  Let the second one be related, nearly at the same time.

For example, when I wake up, I open my window.  I get sunshine to feel awake and breathe in the fresh air.  The rest of my habit stacking morning routine just flows in, enjoyably.

3. Habit stacking goals

Track your progress.  When you have goals, these guide you.  Know when you’re progressing as planned or when you need to catch up.

I journal to track my progress.  The fact that I take a look at my notes, makes me reflect as well.  You may use apps for automation.  However, I prefer to think things over and pinpoint anything that needs improvement.

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4. Pin down bad habits

A barrier to embracing positive patterns may be bad habits.  These could be hard to get rid of.  As long as you voluntarily want them out of the way, you can work on eliminating them.

Find out what triggers unwanted habits.  Who, what, when, why, and how do these happen?  Work on replacing them by the desired ones.

5. Get partner support

Get an accountability buddy.  Who else needs to work on such an exercise?  Hold each other accountable.

In addition to journaling or using an app, you can find others who need mutual support.  People who live in the same house might be the most convenient.  If not possible, you may find a good friend or join a relevant Facebook group.

6. Congratulate yourself 

Set small milestones and recognize how you progress.  Incremental improvement matters.  Spoil yourself to celebrate the gradual progress.

It may sound trivial, but it’s not.  Every tiny step moves you closer to your big dream.  Giving yourself a pat on the back can be a great encouragement for more.

I rejoice in my little gains toward my blogging goals.  Starting up my email list was a strategic decision.  I took training and learned what works.  Each small achievement was worth it, and I treated myself to cakes with coffee!

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Pink written note

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7. Blogger habit stacking examples

You can use the habit stacking list.  It’s specifically helpful for bloggers.  Using the idea, you may also apply it to other areas of your life.

Write articles

It’s primordial for bloggers to create articles as part of their content.  The steps and tasks involved can vary.  However, the main stages are generally like those I listed below.

Main stages:

  • Choose your topic
  • Do your research
  • Draft your article
  • Review and edit
  • Finalize it
  • Publish it
  • Promote your article

To get into the flow, use an easy one to get started.  Follow with a second that can naturally take place.  It makes the next one super convenient.

I break the bulk of the whole content creation process into smaller chunks.  It even takes me around three to four days, from planning to publishing.  

I note an interesting niche-relevant topic on Pinterest.  I do further research on Google Trends and my SEO tool.  Along with the main keyword, I also find other supporting ones.  By now, I’ve already moved from the first to the third stage, having at least an outline.

AI tools can help you to speed up the research process.  Use them, if you choose to.  I prefer having original articles that show my personality.  

Shoot videos

Bloggers may vlog as well.  Some do, and others don’t.  I’ve decided to show up on camera, although writing is more my thing.

Main stages:

  • Work on the concept
  • Plan the content
  • Set up your equipment
  • Get dresses (make-up for the ladies)
  • Shoot
  • Review and edit
  • Publish
  • Promote

It can be more challenging to start making videos, compared to writing.  It takes more courage, as you show your face, instead of just writing.  Do it anyway, if you choose to.

I used to think getting ready would take a lot of time.  As ladies, we have to take time to dress up, put on makeup, and do our hair.  This was a bit discouraging, given the lack of time.

I paired up beauty and hair care with other supportive tasks.  Hair is no problem, as I choose to shoot on a day of the week when I already have to shampoo and blow dry.  

I also normally go out for some important matters on that day.  Dressing up and make-up are on the agenda, anyway.  These small preparations speed up my video creation, so they don’t feel like chores.

Find ways that you can use existing actions and build on them.  Have a room, especially for shooting.  Arrange your equipment and leave them there.  No need to feel tired getting them ready every time.    


8. Habit stacking vs multitasking

Both are not the same.  When multitasking, you do many tasks at the same time, often unrelated ones.  On the other hand, you group similar tasks that are related and can accomplish various goals simultaneously.

Multitasking tends to be stressful.  Habit stacking, on the other hand, feels harmonious.  It’s productive and a great way to work smarter.  

9. Productivity benefits 

Adding something when the ball is already rolling makes things easier.  When you’re in the flow, everything runs smoothly.  Work smart and boost productivity levels.

This approach is great in many ways.  Use it in your home office, and personal life.  Adapt it to your given circumstances.

10. Convenient and lasting 

It’s like a warm-up before exercise.  It also makes the harder tasks to come later, feel effortless.  Once you get used to the whole process, it could even become second nature.

Second nature is a lasting thing.  For long-term success, prefer consistency.  Frequently review your goals to ensure working on relevant things.


Use these helpful ways to get the most out of your blogging journey.  Anyone else can make the most of them.  Take advantage of the habit stacking method for the better.

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Woman meditating

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