Finding your writing voice and style can have a crucial impact on your results.  As a blogger, freelancer, coach, or another solopreneur, nail down your best approach.  In this article, I’ll highlight the key benefits, showing how to make the most of them.

I’ve been a solopreneur for around a decade and a blogger for over five years (time of writing).  A blog can support any business, side hustle, or hobby.  Discover how to improve your approach for the better.

1. Writing voice and style

Have you ever read a few lines of a book and guessed it comes from your favorite author?  If shown a random text extract, could you magically name a well-known book?  There’s something about outstanding famous peoples’ works that can shine for centuries.

Blog articles can be simple, and often conversational.  There’s no fuss about fancy language.  Speaking to your reader as you would face to face, tends to be natural.

Working in your home office can become overwhelming at times.

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2. Writing voice vs style

There’s a subtle difference between voice and style.  Both can be confused with the other.  They tend to sound similar.

In a fiction book example, a character’s voice would be specific to the character itself.  On the other hand, the style would come from the author’s way of writing.  The whole book would have the same style.

Bloggers and solopreneurs with a blog, show their personality to their readers.  It’s a great way to connect and share information.  While bigger businesses normally speak to a large mass, personalize your message to your niche.

3. Writing voice vs tone

Voice is more about personality. The tone is linked to the current attitude you take.  It could also be related to a certain emotion. 

Emotions draw people.  Needless to say, marketing is a lot about it.  Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal clients, and solve their problems.  If you’d like to see how storytelling can support solopreneurs, read my older article.

4. Solopreneur benefits

Put to practice as a solopreneur, and let your personality shine.  You may be a blogger, vlogger, freelancer, or coach.  Your connection to your readers or viewers is primordial.

Large multinationals may take a generic approach.  They can get tons of comments on social media, and maybe even no one replies to their followers.  People still follow and buy from them.

In contrast to the biggest brands, a personal brand often talks to an ideal client persona in a specific niche.  For example, bloggers share experiences.  Freelancers showcase specific skills to their potential clients.  Coaches support others.

Develop your writing voice and style.  Instead of talking to everyone, you may need to narrow your focus.  The solutions you offer should solve specific needs.

Pen to paper. Text: Writing voice and style: 10 benefits to adopt,
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5. Natural and consistent

Be consistent in your approach.  Most of all, be authentic.  Genuineness shows, and so does when faking it.

Trust is important.  When people try to be someone else, it shows sooner or later.  It can be even harder when speaking on video than writing.  However, even words can look unnatural in the long term.

6. Nurture being yourself

When you build an audience, you need to nurture it.  Your readers expect to receive helpful content that will solve their issues.  They look forward to what you publish.

There’s so much information available online.  However, your followers and subscribers come back to read your articles.  They could feel that they know you for weeks, months, or even years. 

7. Nail it down

Choose how you want to show up.  Being professional is normal.  However, add your unique touch.

For example, I like being friendly, yet not familiar.  I help other bloggers and solopreneurs in self-improvement.  Working smarter in my home office, I share what works best.  

8. AI saves time

AI is a handy tool.  ChatGPT, the famous artificial intelligence chatbot has made things even easier.  It can give you an edge, saving you time.

When you have to show your uniqueness,  AI doesn’t contribute to it.  The tools may support you, but you still have to work further, adding your touch.

I enjoy writing my articles.  AI can speed up various types of tasks.  It can’t create my writing voice and style. 

9. Originality is key

Being yourself attracts.  On the other hand, faking it repels.  Your unique story, manner, and selling proposition (USP) set you apart.

Solopreneurs are often the face of their activities.  For better longer-term results, be yourself.  Otherwise, it will show sooner or later.

The hard (and smart) work you put in shouldn’t go to waste.  It takes time to build an audience of interested readers.  You need to nurture, and convert.  

When you show up as yourself, you can keep it up naturally.  Teach what you’ve genuinely learned and experienced.  If you don’t fully believe in something, you won’t be able to help others achieve it.

10. Develop and improve

Your writing voice and style should be your own.  Pin down what you’d like it to be.  Show up consistently.

Self-improvement is lifelong, so find better ways to polish your approach.  Use feedback from the right readers.  Analyze what works best, based on your results.


Being present online may feel like a huge crowd.  Let your uniqueness, story, and USP shine out.  Find and embrace your best writing voice and style for better success.

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