Mountain hiking, eluding screen addiction!
Photo by @Sharvina.y (my own) on Instagram

Let’s start with the photo in this blog, which  I took a few weeks ago, while hiking somewhere at the Black River District, in Mauritius.  It was a warm day, wearing comfortable cotton clothes, my favourite trekking shoes, a straw hat, a bottle of water in my bag,  with my camera in my hands.  Did I miss out something?  Guess… my phone?  Yes and no!  I didn’t have my phone in my bag (what??), but rather left it at home on purpose!!!

Leaving my phone behind (for once) was a deliberate choice, although reluctant at first, I finally appreciated having done so.  The journey on foot was marvelous, the view spectacular, chatting with my friends and fellow hikers on the same trip was enriching, breathing pure fresh air, and singing songs known to most of us, if not all.  That reminded me of the simple yet pure joys of life, and although I did have the temptation to check my screen twice or thrice during the 2 hour journey, not having my phone with me was a real ‘break’!

When we had already walked for 1 hour, we sat down for a sip of water, and that was when I took this photo, that you can see.  I even had the time to get to know new people, having been acquainted face-to-face.  I remembered that for weeks, my new connections had essentially been ‘just virtual’.  While I took some time for meditation, I completely forgot about my phone!

At the end of this special outing experience, I took my car, and headed back home.  Once at my destination, I had a shower and sat down with family for dinner, telling them about the day’s adventure.  I didn’t miss pointing out how ‘eluding screen addiction’ to enjoy these moments, was something I was thankful for, and that I plan to take similar breaks regularly and religiously.  It was not until the next morning after breakfast, that I had a look at my new emails.

Do you feel that you miss out on special moments, while remaining glued to your phone?  Do you make the most of professional meetings, without undue distractions from checking your screen?  If so, could you please share with us how?  I invite you to comment below.  Remain tuned for my next blog post, for more on this very topic!





21 thoughts on “Eluding screen addiction (1)!

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  1. Glad to know you’d a great time! And I don’t like to think of myself as a phone addict though I often have it at close proximity 😅 besides, I take conscious efforts to keep a check on my screen time and take breaks as often as possible!

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  2. Hi Sharvina.y, and thank you for following my humble blog on WordPress!d About cellphones: I have one (a Trac Phone), but I never use it unless in case of emergency or I absolutely have to get in touch with someone while away from home. So far I have never used it to call anyone “just to chat” and I have never sent nor received a text message. I don’t like talking on the phone, even our home’s landline. I’m so glad I don’t have the “phone addiction” so many people seem to be plagued with these days. I’m concerned that phone addiction distraction is the cause of many auto accidents these today. Also, people have been killed by walking into traffic while having their eyes “glued” to their phones. It is a growing problem. I’m so pleased to see you are determined to “wean” off your phone, even for a few hours now and then. Hurray for you!

    By the way, my son-in-law’s mother is from Mauritius. Their family visited there last year. Small world! 🙂

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    1. Hi Michael! Thank you for following me back. I do feel better by controlling my screen viewing habits, even though the phone remains important to use. Nice to hear that you have family (in-laws) from here! ☺

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  3. I’m a phone addict (in fact, reading this post as I head into work now!) but whenever I go abroad I relish not having any data and thus not being able to use my phone! It’s such a refreshing break for me. 🙂

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  4. The power of the dark side is too strong for me😛 I usually do very little to fight this addiction. I sometimes also feel that kids who are allowed to interact more with technology, are more likely to succeed in future. Especially since the future that we are building is integrating technology into our lives deeper than we can imagine.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your ideas! 🙂
      You’re right in saying that ‘the future that we are building is integrating tech…’. However on the extreme side, there are various risks that should be taken care of, in due time.

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  5. Great post. I walk about an hour every morning and leave my phone at home. I also turn the Wi-Fi off when I go to bed. It’s funny how we check it when we have, yet dont think of it when we haven’t. Thought provoking. Thank you😊

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  6. This is very apt because I’m taking the kids skiing in a fortnight and I’m dreading them all spending every moment when they’re not actually moving in a downhill motion looking at their phones or taking selfies! Any suggestions welcome … x

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