Disclosure: Sponsored/gifted.  This article isn’t sponsored, however, it contains sponsored links.  I was given free access to the Centered app to test and experience the features.  All views are my own.

Secondly, this post also includes an affiliate discount code.  If you use my code SHARVINA20, you’ll get 20% off.  I’ll receive a commission (at no extra cost to you). 

There are many benefits of the Pomodoro technique.  You may be keen on boosting productivity, working smart, and crushing your goals.  At the same time, you may also aim to avoid burnout, enjoying your sessions.  Read to see how you can benefit from using the Pomodoro method.

On my self-improvement blog, I share what works for bloggers and solopreneurs.  Anyone else can also apply the tips to their specific situation.  With around a decade of experience as a solopreneur and over five years as a blogger, I enjoy better ways to work smarter.

Pomodoro method

You may have heard the term but could be unsure about using it.  There are many reasons why it can better support you.  I use the Centered app and will highlight how it can facilitate your work in this article.

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I use it in my home office.  Being a solopreneur has its challenges.  When working alone, there are certain things that you can miss out on.  The app supports me in many ways.

1. Block out distractions 

Distractions can interrupt your work sessions.  Especially when working from home, there can be a blurry barrier between professional and personal life.  The phone may ring in your living room, or a close one could suddenly visit.

On devices, you may receive personal chat messages.  Replying does delay tasks.  You may prefer to block out unnecessary communications.

2. The right focus

You can choose to catch up on less important things later.  Define boundaries and only see to your priorities.  Stay focused on the right tasks at the right time. 

With Centered, you can integrate various apps.  For example, I added my Google Calendar to get notified of meetings.   This way, I only receive notifications that I need.

3. Better accountability

With a well-structured time plan, you can better stay on track.  You know that you have 25 minutes for each session.  Unwind during short breaks and get back.

The process aids in better accountability.  I add my to-dos as task sessions.  I then set my timer as I wish.

4. Improved planning

Set the right goals. It makes it clear what to focus on. To accomplish them, break them into smaller chunks that become your tasks. Read more about better goal-setting in my other article.

Your daily progress moves you closer to your longer-term goals.  These are your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals.  Taking small actions contributes to strategic achievement.

5. Motivation for success

Stay inspired for the best results.  There can be a decrease in motivation, even when you start a project with loads of enthusiasm.  Discipline helps, even when motivation has decreased.

I enjoy scientific flow music to help me concentrate.  It accompanies me without distraction.  I even have my virtual coach on Centered, who reminds me when to take my breaks. 

Hourglass. Text: Productivity hack: 10 benefits of the Pomodoro technique, tipsfromsharvi.com.

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6. Fight procrastination

Use the Pomodoro technique for procrastination (or rather against it).  Fight the urge to postpone things that matter.  Breaking everything into baby steps gets the ball rolling.  

Using task sessions helps manage workload.  Each Pomodoro you complete is a small victory.  Pat yourself on the back.

7. Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is often said to be stressful. It even becomes counter-productive. Read more in my other article to see why you should avoid it.

When you set timed sessions and block out distractions, you can better concentrate on them.  Take a short break and feel better.  Get back to your desk, handling one session at a time.

8. Time estimates

When using the method, you can develop better time estimation.  With task sessions, you can predict similar work.  It helps with time management and planning in the future.

As a newbie blogger, I had no idea how much time I would spend on specific things.  With experience, I can better predict.  It is beneficial when starting a new project.

9. Prevent burnout

Burnout can happen at work. While it touches any corporate workplace, solopreneurs should also be on guard. If you overwork, there may be no one present to guide you. In this article, I shared some hacks for bloggers to avoid overworking.

The Centered app supports me through my virtual coach.  He reminds me to take a break, relax my eyes, drink water, and get back.  The Pomodoro technique breaks down the tasks, and the app reinforces the benefits by guiding me.

Avoid being overwhelmed by taking short breaks regularly.  My coach reminds me to take a rest.  Left on my own, I often would not have realized it.

10. Enjoy momentum

Being in the flow is exciting!  You can feel your best when you move from task to task conveniently.  Everything comes naturally, and may even feel effortless.

The scientific focus music in the app strengthens the flow state.  You can choose which ones to play.  Also, watch serene videos.

The process

I’ll list the steps of the method.  It’s a simple process.  Having a virtual coach makes it more convenient.

  • List your priorities.
  • Set a timer for 25 minutes.
  • Start working on your first task.
  • When the timer rings, you’ve completed your first Pomodoro.
  • Take a 5-minute break.
  • Start another Pomodoro.
  • With four completed Pomodoro sessions, take a longer break.
  • Repeat the process or cycle, till the end of your work day.

With the Centered app, you can automate the steps. Concentrate on your current Pomodoro session. Your virtual coach can even nudge you if you’re idle.

Set your timer as you please.  If you prefer 20 or 30-minute sessions instead of 25, just specify it.   You can also change your break durations, flexibly.

When you’re done, check your productivity score.  It helps to measure performance.  Aim at doing better the next time.


Join the Centered experience today. Use my code SHARVINA20 to grab 20% off. Relish the benefits of the Pomodoro technique.

Home office desk. Text: Productivity hack: 10 benefits of the Pomodoro technique, tipsfromsharvi.com.
Home office desk

4 thoughts on “Productivity hack: 10 benefits of the Pomodoro technique

  1. I also use the Pomodoro technique to get started. It reminds me to focus and also to not fret about what I am about to do. I just set the timer and start. That is so helpful! After that it can get a bit free form because if I am in a flow I don’t want to stop. Handy to remember to take breaks though! And after a break I need the Pomodoro again.

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  2. I like the Pomodoro technique– it’s got lots of good things about it. I also do a slightly less structured approach sometimes, where I just work at something till it’s done. What’s your favourite method?

    Liked by 2 people

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