How do you handle the impossible vs the possible?  There are many circumstances in life when challenges arise.  The way you approach them determines your success results.

Solopreneurs, like most people, face life struggles.  Sometimes in professional life, other times, in personal life.  The mindset you adopt can have a decisive impact.  Initially, you either decide to go for it or step back.       

My solopreneur journey has had ups and downs.  It’s an inevitable reality.  There were situations when I could have abandoned a project, but didn’t.


Hacks for solopreneurs (and anyone else can benefit):

1. Impossible is possible quotes

There’s one famous quote that strongly resonates with the topic of my article.  I’m sure you must have heard it before.  I’ll share it below.

‘Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!’ – Audrey Hepburn

2. Accept new challenges

Change can be for the better.  However, people tend to resist it.  Struggles can also have a positive impact.

While battles can, of course, end in defeat, they could still be for the better.  You never lose if you learn from them.  In another article, I highlight how failure often supports your success.

3. Perseverance helps

Persistency means you don’t give up.  While others abandon a marathon, you keep going.  This mindset supports you in other areas of life as well.   

When you know that you’re aiming for the right things, your work is meaningful.  Who wants to invest precious time and energy in a project they don’t fully support?  In this article, I shared the importance of persevering.

4. Set goals careful

The objectives you set for yourself guide the actions you will take.  If you set goals that don’t align with your true needs, you might waste resources. It might sound trivial, however, just imagine putting in lots of hard work into meaningless tasks. 

Choose a framework, such as the SMART criteria. It’s a method for setting specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time-related goals. Read more about using it on Wikipedia.

5. Prefer small milestones

Work gradually, using bite-sized milestones.  What appears to be a giant and unattainable result, becomes more manageable.  Similarly, you set yearly goals that you break down into daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly targets.

What first looks unthinkable, becomes doable.  When I started my blog, I knew close to nothing about the activity. I learned, practiced, made mistakes, and my blog grew.  From a hobby, it’s now also a side hustle!

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Natural leaves

6. Be informed

Being informed helps to build self-confidence.  When you have doubts, you need to become enlightened about the topic.  Things become clearer when you educate yourself further, either formally or informally.

When you tackle things with more knowledge, it often feels easier than before.  When I started my former home shopping website, I learned a lot.  Before going through the experience, things had seemed more complex.

7. Take risks

Choose to take calculated risks.  When you educate yourself about new opportunities, you can seize them better.  Know the potential pitfalls, and be careful in advance.  Take steps to mitigate the risks.

Instead of saying it’s impossible, see how you can make it possible for yourself.  Failure may happen.  However, you’ll gain experience for the next time.


8. Be optimistic

Saying that you can’t succeed at something, may stop you from trying.  When you aim high, you gain self-improvement.  Even if you don’t reach as high, you’ll still benefit in other ways.

I share a quote that illustrates the idea wonderfully.  It’s a famous one.  The idea is simple, and it shows the value of taking up challenges.  

‘Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.’ – Les Brown

9. Fight imposter syndrome

Solopreneurs often face imposter syndrome.  It’s common at the start and may happen later as well.  You tell yourself that you can’t teach others or sell them a product. 

Read about growing from a newbie to an expert.  You don’t need a doctoral degree to support others.  Having the experiences that they need, can be what it takes to guide them.

10. Related thoughts

Some ideas are connected to what is possible or impossible.  They are close to it, but not the same.  I’ll briefly mention them.

  • Next to impossible’ describes something possible, but rather difficult to achieve.
  • Can the impossible be possible? This could lead to a successful mindset, attitude, and better self-confidence.
  • How to make the impossible possible?  Being determined, you may be creative, innovate, and go out of your way to find a hidden key to make things happen.
  • Improbable means not likely to be true or to happen.

There are often barriers to success.  Take the time to analyze.  What steps can you take to do things that others aren’t doing?  Read my post to see how showing up professionally in hard times is beneficial.

Your decisions

If you take up a challenge, you commit to working on it.  On the other hand, if you say you won’t, you can conveniently relax.  It can be a choice that depends totally on you or is influenced by others.

Saying yes or no could be options.  Chances can come in the form of competitions, opportunities, and risk-taking.  Being a solopreneur also has certain risks.

There are reasons for and against it.  Sometimes accepting may be best.  On other occasions, saying no could be right.

Arguments for yes:

  • You gain by leaving your comfort zone.
  • Seize a learning opportunity and experience.
  • Chances for success may happen only if you work towards it.

Arguments for no:

  • You may currently lack training, and feel that you aren’t ready yet.
  • It’s wiser to avoid a sure loss.
  • Avoid any potential disappointments. 

Choose the best option available. It could depend on each specific situation or circumstance. Read to see how a growth mindset can better empower solopreneurs.


Bloggers, solopreneurs, and anyone else face challenges.  Saying yes or no can be a choice.  Accepting change and taking calculated risks often opens up new opportunities.  Approach the impossible vs possible carefully, for your benefit.

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11 thoughts on “Impossible vs possible: 10 mindset benefits for you

  1. I’m a firm believer in your 5th point. Break your goals down to as small as possible. Also, I encourage everyone to celebrate every little victory along the way.
    Your first point is the best for me. In all my years I had not noticed the I M possible. That is so awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! I especially enjoyed the section about taking calculated risks. My question is, how do you personally determine when a risk is worth taking in your solopreneur journey? Is there a specific process or criteria you follow?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! There may be various ways, no hard and fast rules. I often revisit my strategic goals to see if the risks align with them. Also, see how important they might be. If it involves finances, a proper analysis is a must. Risks can be mitigated in various ways.


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