Spending best time with close ones isn’t just important during festivals, but we need to ensure quality time on a daily basis. In this blog post, I’ll share ‘things to do’ that ensure a cohesive family time, while enjoying the holiday season.

1. Involve everyone

The first step towards planning for a collaborative event is to start by involving everyone concerned…

2. Allocate responsibilities

When you plan with others, be sure to clearly define, explain and receive the green light from everyone, that they know which responsibilities they are taking, for the smooth-running from start till the end of each event you organize.

3. Budget

Define your party budget, find best deals by comparing online and/or visit malls (if you have enough time for window shopping).

4. Make lists

Make comprehensive lists about the allocation of responsibilities, how each task will be completed, by whom and when, what resources are available and how to spend money.

5. Groceries

Don’t forget to cater for groceries that you’ll need, especially for dishes during the various get-togethers. Always store extra drinks and snacks, so that you can cover for any unplanned surprise visits from friends.

6. Gifts

Gifts cannot be overlooked, be it for Christmas or New Year! It’s better to offer people things that they need or desire.

Since you’re likely to know what your close ones prefer, you can easily make sure you gift them as per their taste. On the other hand, making a wish list by finding out what is actually required, would be a better idea than just guessing all by yourself (do remember to stick to your allocated budget).

close up photo of stacked chocolates bars beside raspberries
Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

7. Christmas decoration

Decorating a Christmas tree, your house, setting up the dinner table and the atmosphere outdoors, is fun and brings everyone together as well!

8. Clothes

Foresee what new clothes will be needed… What will Santa Claus wear???

9. Cook special dinner

See who on your prepared list will get the ingredients from the store/hypermarket, chop the vegetables, prepare the cakes, roast the turkey and so on…

10. New Year’s Eve

There’ll surely be various get-togethers during the festive season, New Year’s Eve included, when you’ll be meeting friends and other different groups of people.

The end of year corporate event with colleagues/clients is often a must (unless the company has no budget for the year… which I hope is not the case for anyone). Such events require official preparation by the relevant department and allocation of responsibilities for staff members.

11. Interactive activities

To make parties more enjoyable and human, play good old musical chairs, interesting games, sing karaoke, Christmas carols, have a dance floor, find what excites your group…

12. Overseas vacation

Travelling abroad is very common at the end of the year and a must for many! While you travel with family/friends, agree on a destination of interest, define your budget, take the time to find a convenient hotel, select the right city tours to optimize enjoyment.

If you’re vegan or have a vegan member in the group, do check in advance where you can eat, and try finding accommodation close enough to that restaurant.

13. Be eco-friendly

Prefer environmental-friendly events by using recycled materials for your parties, try to avoid fire-crackers (for the sake of your canine friend who’s also a family member) and mind the noise for the sake of the elderly next doors.

14. Limit screen time

While you spend time with the important people in your life, having ‘no screen time’ could be a true blessing, unless something urgent needs your attention.

Make the most of the festive season by making family time a top priority this year and every other year to come! Make every other day of the year special as well, by saving enough time for family and friends.

How do you spend time during the holiday season? What makes get-togethers special for you and your family/friends? Would you like to share about your events? Please do so. Thank you!


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