In today’s short blog post, I’ll share with you, how I find my daily serenity for focusing on achieving my set goals…

This is a photo of Jacaranda trees in my garden (photo by @sharvina.y (my own ) on Instagram).  Looking at such images, always helps clear my mind, giving me the punch and mindfulness (‘the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something’, as per that I need, to pursue my daily goals!

Having a daily meditation ritual, listening to music, always helps me, and of course some yoga exercises too!  Your preference could be playing an instrument / dancing / playing tennis / football / swimming / any hobbies / sports you enjoy truly!

Whichever activities suit you best, practicing on a regular basis, does help to relax, gain stamina, be fit,  giving a positive boost for achieving your goals!

Would you like to share your experience, and the benefits you find?  Please do so!


10 thoughts on “Serenity for achievements!

  1. Great tips. I always find exercise and drawing are good at making me serene, but I have to have a good ol’ fashion checklist to achieve anything.

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