My dearest Readers!

I’m excited to tell you that I’ve renamed my blog ‘Tips from Sharvi’, which previously was ‘Tips from Sharvina’!

I’m thrilled, with a new name that’s more concise and simple, easier to remember and better aligned to Search Engine Optimization best practices!

Previous website links that I posted in the past will be broken (sadly), but my Instagram handle, Facebook and Twitter usernames have been @TipsFromSharvi from before.

Have you had the experience of changing your blog name and Uniform Resource Locator?  Was it the right decision for you?  Would love to know more…  Thanks!

9 thoughts on “My new blog name!

  1. Hi. Nice name. You made it a little shorter. He he. I haven’t experienced changing my blog page, I guess I am gonna stick with my blog name, forever. Ha ha. Thanks for sharing. By the way, can you please try to follow my blog page, if you don’t mind. I would love to connect with you. 🙂

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  2. I’ve been thinking of changing my blog name- Frugal Husband is kind of restricting. If I Dont change it may end up creating an extra blog to talk about different topics.

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