Working from home is existent in various industries and countries around the world. People choose to work from home for diverse reasons. Certain companies have been encouraging this practice, where the need for a better work-life balance is recognized, employees are trusted to be disciplined, responsible and are accountable.

Previously, I worked for companies, going to office. Currently I’ve been working from home for 5 years already, and love doing so! Having studied in the field of Business Administration, I’ve managed my own businesses from home. Going to the office everyday and not living life on my own terms, wasn’t what I yearned for!

Let’s see why working from home could be interesting…

Some advantages

  1. If you’re an entrepreneur / solopreneur, then working from home could actually save you office rent! If you work for a company, then the latter saves from not paying for more office spaces.
  2. With hours of travelling to and from work everyday, getting stressed due to slow road traffic, feeling sick, bored, annoyed, and so much more, many people find telecommuting to be better.
  3. A quiet and calm environment could actually boost productivity.
  4. Lower stress levels could benefit health.
  5. Spending more time with family may be positive for better child care and having a stronger marital relationship.
  6. Anyone, irrespective of gender may prefer to work from home, given the benefits that they could find.
  7. Caring for an elderly parent or a disabled kin could be made easier, while at home.
  8. Being environmental-friendly, you don’t need to burn gas, and can save on car fuel expenses.
  9. More…

Nature of work

Given certain industries / professions, working from home could be made possible. It also depends on the company policy (in case you’re an employee). Many of those who work from home actually are self-employed, and can manage their agenda at their own discretion.

I feel that being able to plan all my daily activities myself, has given me very positive results. I blog, market products for a top global company and do freelance work (on and off for freelancing).

Typical jobs include (but are not limited to) being a Virtual Assistant, Sales Consultant, Graphic Designer, Website Tester, Survey Taker, Vlogger, Online Teacher, Translator, Web Developer / Designer, just to name a few.


Not all work from home jobs require a university degree. Jobs in sales, for example, are performance-based, and you are paid a commission. Experience with a proven track record of achieved sales targets may be preferred. Many jobs require only basic skills to start with, so a short course or even online courses could be helpful.

Having a good network of existing clients, contacts and referrals is desirable. Always document any praise from a satisfied client, and have them post an online review for your work, if possible. This is likely to help further in the future!

Do you work from home or plan to do so soon? Would you like to share some tips? Please do so. Thank you!


5 thoughts on “8 advantages of working from home

  1. What’s fascinating about working from home is you can earn double or triple what you earn in a regular employment, but without much ado about where you graduated or what your grades look like. I started working from home when I was still in college and now that I’m a mom, I am so grateful for this opportunity.

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