Start your morning in such a way that you’re fit and prepared for a productive day ahead… I wasn’t born a perfect morning person. However, I ensure having a routine that sets the tone for a brilliant day!

In this blog post, I’ll share with you my 14 best habits that will help you kick-start your morning for a successful day:

1. Wake up early

A cozy bed may seem like heaven early in the morning. However, waking up without hitting the snooze button is the first step for a great day ahead! Many apps may assist you in becoming a morning person if you choose to.

2. Breathe

Open the window (unless you live in a polluted area) first thing after you get up, and breathe in plenty of fresh oxygen. After around 8 hours of sleep, your body needs it. You’ll also bring in sunlight, which helps you to wake up properly and is conducive to a pleasant mood.

3. Drink water

Drink warm/hot water. Your body has been deprived of it during your sleep and you’re likely to feel dehydrated in the morning. Drink plenty of water during the rest of the day.

4. Keep moving

Make your bed, splash water on your face, brush your teeth, shower and so on. Being active will prevent you from feeling sleepy. Start doing things that you have to…

5. Cardio

Fitness exercise helps you to remain fit and healthy. Athletes are known for their high level of discipline and perseverance in achieving set goals. Cardio also does a lot to stimulate your happiness hormones.

6. Meditate

Meditation clears the mind, improves emotional health and is great for a productive day. Pray and you’ll be blessed! Practicing daily gives better control of stress levels.

7. Yoga

Yoga is another activity that many people practice in the morning. I enjoy the sun salutation (Surya Namaskar), since I feel that I’m working out my whole body through the 12 postures!

Coffee. Text: 14 morning habits to make your day brilliant!

8. Breathing exercises

Oxygen intake is essential for survival. Along with many health benefits, breathing exercises give you a boost of energy and increase your vitality! I enjoy practicing ‘Pranayama’, which is yoga breathing techniques.

9. Grooming

From skincare, styling your hair to dressing up smart, you make sure that you’re well-groomed for office! In case you (instead) work home-based, then avoid staying in your pajamas all day… Looking professional yet comfortable, contributes towards having the right attitude.

10. Healthy breakfast

Always take the time for a healthy breakfast. It’s vital for better focus during the day. I enjoy oats with different combinations of garnishing (on different days). This introduces variety to the recipes!

11. Affirmations

Do you lack the motivation to wake up earlier? Do you want to exercise regularly but give up each time you start? Is there anything else that you’re keen on achieving, but can’t go about realizing? Affirmations are very helpful!

12. Journal

Keeping a journal supports you in better understanding your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You can thus take calculated actions and behave mindfully. I normally write before bedtime, but some people prefer mornings. Choose the time that suits you.

13. To-do list

You need to have a daily (and a weekly, monthly and yearly) to-do list. You can prioritize your tasks and also see what’s urgent for the day. Start with the most challenging task first, so that you’re done with it.

14. Commute

Do you commute to work? Is it a waste of your time? Make the most of your spare time by listening to podcasts, reading books and more… If you work from home (like me), then treat your morning just as importantly!


Start your morning right and you’ll be fit to make the most of your day… every single day! Do you have any tips to share? Please do so. Thank you!!

Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Clock. Text: 14 morning habits to make your day brilliant!


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