Do you multitask? Do you like doing so? Do you feel stressed if you have to do so? Are you instead happy to multitask? Read my blog post for more…

The word ‘multitask’ is defined as ‘(of a person) deal with more than one task at the same time’, by Oxford Dictionaries.

Disclaimer: As a blogger on life tips, I’m giving my ideas on the topic, while linking to reliable sources of research conducted (see the resources section below).

Decrease in productivity

Life in general and workplace responsibilities often require that you multitask. At work, you have to ensure that set organizational standards of service are met. However, while you try to do more than one thing at a time, the quality of work is often compromised.

No one can multitask

Multitasking will bring stress at some point in time, for everyone. Research shows that even though women may generally be better than men at multitasking (to some extent), multitasking still decreases the quality of the tasks done.

How to cope with multitasking if not avoid, Tips from Sharvi.
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Meditation helps

I personally find meditation in the morning a great way to replenish myself, so that my mind stays serene. I also work from home, running my own businesses and blog as well. This means that I’m my own boss, being able to set my own agenda and work in a flexible way. This may not be the case for you if you have a corporate job. However, do meditate, exercise, laugh, stay happy, relax, unwind and recharge on a daily basis. It helps!

Working methods

Businesses have high levels of service demands, requiring employees to often work under pressure. Multitasking may be a necessity in your office (at least from time to time). However, if there is scope for improving working methods, then that could be beneficial! Quality circles is one of the various ways that employers use to encourage employee suggestions.

Improve your skills

In some cases, improving your skills could contribute towards better management of tasks and thus make things easier for you. First, identify what needs improvement and see if there’s a skills gap. Then, learn and improve your performance.

Better time management

Better time management could do much to help. For example, if you’re on time/ahead of your deadline to complete work, you could in many cases have the comfort of doing each task at a time, gaining better productivity with no/less stress.

How to cope with multitasking if not avoid, Tips from Sharvi.
Courtesy of Canva. How to cope with multitasking if not avoid, Tips from Sharvi.


Delegate work when possible. It could do much to help you give your full attention to the important things that you should be doing yourself.

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To sum up, multitasking is often required in life. However, research has shown that there are adverse effects on productivity, stress levels and for generally everyone. If you have to cope with it (cannot always avoid), I suggest that meditation, better working methods, improving skills, better time management and delegation are some great ways to help! Do you ever multitask? Do you like doing so? Would you like to share your tips? Please do so. Thank you!
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