What’s the ultimate secret to success? Different people would give different answers to this question. However, while many things do truly contribute to your success, without perseverance or persistence, all your efforts would fall apart! As per the Oxford Dictionaries perseverance is ‘Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success’.

My relationship with ‘perseverance’ has been a strong one! While I previously studied in the field of Business Administration (on a part-time basis), I also gained corporate working experiences at the same time. However, I’ve chosen to work from home with flexibility, being my own boss, and doing different things (including blogging). This was a major decision, asking for much perseverance on my part, especially since I had to start afresh. I’ve been running my own business for over 8 years already (at the time of updating this article)!

I’ll share with you some reasons for perseverance, that consistently give me the punch and boost that I need, for my achievements…

These are my top 10:

1. Set goals

Acting with perseverance will prompt you to start by defining and setting the right goals for yourself, which serve as a guide towards your destination. This is the first step to success! Remember to review your goals, so that they remain updated.

2. Foster determination

Perseverance sets a mindset for determination so that you work towards your goals for success. Never give up!

3. Overcome obstacles

Being determined, you persevere and work on overcoming obstacles that come your way, learning more about yourself, improving, and learning new skills in the process.

4. Find solutions

Being faced with issues, perseverance prompts you to find solutions to matters of concern.

5. Innovate

In the process of finding solutions, you may end up discovering new methods, ideas, products, and more!

Powerful fists. Text: 10 reasons to persevere, tipsfromsharvi.com.
Powerful fists

6. Ongoing learning

As someone who perseveres in life, your habit will foster ongoing and lifelong learning and improvements!

7. A winning attitude

Perseverance is key to having a winning attitude, which will help you holistically (both, at personal and professional levels).

8. Build character

Making perseverance a natural habit, and using it with consistency, will help build a character that’s conducive to success.

9. Key to success

Perseverance is indeed key to success!

10. Reap the fruits

While you make efforts and persevere all the time, you keep getting closer and closer to your set objectives!

Persevere in prayer, throughout life, and achieve your set goals.  Embrace it as a skill.  Develop and improve on it gradually.  Work on your life purpose for the better.  Work smart (not just hard).


Perseverance is your ally, as it turns you into a ‘true fighter’ and equips you in your quest for success! Make it your daily habit, and you won’t regret it!! I strongly advocate for it… Do you too? Would you like to share your ideas? Please do so. Thank you!

Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Victory podium. Text: 10 reasons to persevere, tipsfromsharvi.com.
Victory podium

14 thoughts on “10 reasons to persevere

  1. I love positivity, encouragement and helping each other to push through those times we just feel like we can’t go on anymore. We got this and this post motivates me so much!!

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  2. #8 gets me, because I think that’s why I pursue hard things, which in my case is mainly exercise. I’m not just doing it for the sake of abs of fitness, but I want to build that perseverance muscle, which can be helpful in so many other areas of life. Thanks for this post!

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