Regular exercise is a great way to remain fit! It also brings you many other benefits. Do you really exercise regularly or have you been neglecting it lately? Read my blog post see why you should embrace fitness activities…

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1. Healthy living

It’s natural that I start with the fact that regular exercising brings you many benefits for a healthy living. It’s a lifestyle that opens the door to a variety of blessings for your wellness and well-being. Once you make exercising your regular (better still, a daily) habit, you won’t regret it!

2. Weight management

Obesity is seen as a major health issue in many countries due to reasons such as sedentary lifestyle and more. Neglecting a healthy body weight entails unwanted consequences. Regular exercise is, therefore, your true ally for weight management and better health.

3. Happiness hormones

Fitness activities such as cardio, sports and more release hormones in your brain that brings you joy. Dopamine and endorphins are among the hormones that are commonly known to trigger feelings of happiness.

14 reasons exercising regularly will bless you, Tips from Sharvi.
Photo courtesy Canva. 14 reasons exercising regularly will bless you, Tips from Sharvi.

4. Stress levels

Exercising reduces stress levels. It’s a great way to keep busy and avoid unnecessary worrying as well! Invest your time in physical activities that you love and enjoy!

5. Energy levels

Regular fitness activities give you better stamina, boosting energy levels. You tend to look and feel younger. Your muscles are worked out and you feel energised.

6. Oxygen intake

With better breathing, your body gets more oxygen intake. Oxygen is vital to living. When you breathe in lots of oxygen while exercising, you also breath out carbon dioxide, removing this waste product from your body.

7. Proper sleep

When you exercise regularly, it induces sleep at night. Prefer exercising in the morning, and not late in the evening. Wake up feeling refreshed and energised!

8. Morning routine

Incorporate your favourite fitness activity into your morning routine, so that you start the day in a healthy way. Jounaling, meditation and yoga are also great as part of your daily routine. Having a daily to-do list supports you in living your day the way you plan to.

9. Enjoy hobbies

Do you love spending your spare time doing things that you love the most? Do you have hobbies that you practice regularly? Consider choosing a sport that you genuinely love and make it your hobby. Spend time with friends or find a gym/club to practice your chosen activity, with people of the same interest.

10. Better discipline

Athletes are known to be well-disciplined! They embrace self-discipline in their daily life. While you don’t have to be forced into strenuous activities that you don’t enjoy, you may choose exercising as a way to work on having better self-discipline habits. Discipline is like an asset in life, that can help you in your quest for achieving success and other set goals!

11. Control/fight addiction

Sports and other types of fitness activities are often used to bring support in fighting against drug addiction. Generally, everyone can benefit from exercising, as it’s a way of controlling excessive alcohol and nicotine intake. Stay away from harmful habits!

12. Proper nutrition

While exercising, you’re likely to be aware (and conscious) of the need for a daily healthy diet. Drinking lots of water and eating the recommended quantity (and proportions) of nutritious types of foods will brings you further holistic health benefits.

14 reasons exercising regularly will bless you, Tips from Sharvi.
Image courtesy Canva. 14 reasons exercising regularly will bless you, Tips from Sharvi.

13. Beautiful (or handsome) skin

When you exercise, eat and drink right, you consume the right vitamins and minerals. This gives you better skin, hair, and nails. Exercising also helps you to breathe in lots of oxygen and causes sweating, that removes unwanted toxins and waste products through the skin. Who doesn’t desire great-looking skin?

14. Relaxation

Yes, relax! While fitness is often seen as a ‘task’ or tiring activity, it can, in fact, be used for relaxation! Just think about the happiness hormones, lower stress levels, proper sleep, enjoying sports as hobbies and more… Don’t you agree that exercising and other fitness activities help in better unwinding and recharging?


To sum up, exercising has many benefits that you should duly take advantage of! Choose an activity that you truly enjoy and practice regularly/daily. Do you have any tips to share? Please do so. Thank you!!

Photo/image credit: Canva


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39 thoughts on “14 reasons exercising regularly will bless you

  1. If we take care of ourselves, then we can achieve a better and longer life. It is the only way to be grateful and thankful for the nature who gave us life.

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  2. Those are good benefits of exercising. I know exercising is very important for health and you can make up for some bad eating because of it. But in the long run, both diet and exercise are equal components for health. You need to do both.

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  3. This is a very motivating topic. Due to my busy schedule, I have no time for exercise. And this post inspires me and wanted to start.

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