A vision board, also known as a dream board, is a great tool to help you remember life goals.  Use it to succeed, working towards your aspirations and endeavours. In this blog post, I’ll highlight 10 reasons visions board harness your success.

My blog helps you through tips on life, self-improvement, and self-care.  You may have already set goals in various aspects of your life. However, creating a vision board will assist you in diverse ways.

See 10 reasons vision boards support your success:

1. Law of attraction

Vision boards use the law of attraction.  I love this quote…

“To be successful, you have to be willing to be successful. You have to believe in the law of attraction – that you create your own life.” – Ted Danson

2. Backed by research

Research shows the positive benefits of visualization concerning success.  You may read more on Forbes.com about a survey conducted.

3. Fun to create

To start with, creating your board shouldn’t be a despised chore.  Take your time, grab a cup of coffee, get creative and start your piece of work, while enjoying yourself.

10 reasons vision boards support your success
Courtesy of Canva. 10 reasons vision boards support your success, Tips from Sharvi.

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4. Life goals

Pin down your life goals, knowing your life purpose.  That’s your true self! Aspects of your life to choose from could be your wellness, family, relationships, finance, career, and so on.

5. New year resolution

You could visualize your yearly resolutions.  While your life purpose would take into account your longer-term goals, you could also create a different board each year, with yearly objectives.

6. Daily reminder

A powerful motivational tool, dream boards remind you of what you want to achieve.  Place it in a special place to see it daily. I love seeing mine in the morning!

7. Visualization benefits

By visualizing your dream in the form of your vision board, you’re more likely to remain on track and work on your set goals.

8. Power of emotions

Recognize the value of emotions.  Use family photos, your dream house or anything else that you want and believe in wholeheartedly!

10 reasons vision boards support your success
Courtesy of Canva. 10 reasons vision boards support your success, Tips from Sharvi.

Online course: Powerful Vision Boards

9. Use colours

Use the colours that you love most.  Colour psychology shows that different colours are perceived differently and can affect your mood, decision-making and more.  Select the right ones for the best effects.

10. Creativity skills

Be creative and imaginative in choosing how you’ll represent your dreams or goals.  Would you prefer traditional paper and pencils or instead go for a digital dream board?

Action plan

Last but not least, remember to take your lovely vision board to the next level by duly acting on your set goals and objectives.  This is key to realizing what you truly want to achieve!

Online course: Powerful Vision Boards


To sum up, vision boards are your true ally!  Enjoy yourself creating your dream board, place it in an ideal place to remember your set goals.  Stay motivated, work, and truly achieve what you want to. Have you made yours yet? Would you like to share your tips and experience?  If you know someone who would benefit from my post, please share it. Thank you!!

Photo courtesy: Canva


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Dream board

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