Last updated: 30 June 2020.

I’m thrilled to be nominated for the ‘Fun Blog Award: My 10 favorite feelings’ challenge!  It has been quite a while since I last posted about a blog nomination (I’ve received various since I started my blog in January 2018).  My heartfelt thanks to Charlotte who blogs at, sharing her experience about interesting topics such as faith, peace, renewal, and more.  Do take a look at her wonderful blog. 

This is the award image that I’ve taken from my nominator’s blog:

Fun Blog Award
Fun Blog Award

The rules for participating are:

‘Simply list 10 of your favorite feelings and then pass on nominations to other bloggers!’

Also mention the name of your nominator, thank the person, and link to his/her blog.

My 10 favorite feelings are:

1. Joy

I love stimulating my happiness hormones.  They keep me cheerful and feeling at my very best.

2. Contentment

More than a short-term feeling of happiness, I prefer long-term contentment.  I say it’s pure joy that comes from the simple things in life.

3. Satisfaction

Being satisfied with what I achieve is a true joy!  I’ve made my own rules in life and have defined what success means to me.  I’m satisfied to be living on my terms, working from home, and managing my agenda.

4. Serenity

I love the serenity from meditation.  Although I’m not a perfect early riser, I do work on my morning routine.

5. Gratefulness

Being grateful does much to make me see and acknowledge all the wonderful things that I already have in life.

6. Ambitious

I do have ambitions.  It’s a driving force that motivates me to keep working on my set goals.  

7. Challenged

I need to feel challenged, at least from time to time.  Some competition helps to give me a boost so that I stay on track and keep moving towards my life goals.  I always want to be better than I was yesterday.

8. Interested

Feeling interested is key to completing a task.  If I’m not absorbed in doing something, then I’m likely to feel bored and move on to better activities.

9. Relaxed

Yes, relaxation is something that we all need.  I love to feel relaxed by unwinding so that I get recharged again.

10. In control

I like to feel that I’m in control of my life, at least to a reasonable extent.  While I know there are things that I can’t change, however, I can choose my attitude, make calculated decisions, be in control of my emotions, and so on.

My nominees are other self-improvement bloggers:

Blessings by Me

Chris Dove Writes

Imperfect Life Balance

The Pine-Scented Chronicles

While I also admire the work of many more bloggers that I network with, I have chosen to nominate mostly bloggers who are in the same niche (self-improvement).


I thank my nominator once more.  I also congratulate my nominees and invite them to accept the nomination for the ‘Fun Blog Award: My 10 favorite feelings’ challenge.  Cheers to all my readers!!


Award image: taken from my nominator’s blog

GIF courtesy: GIPHY

32 thoughts on “Fun Blog Award: My 10 favorite feelings

  1. Love your 10 favorite feelings! Congratulations on the nomination. The more we are tuned to our feelings, the better we are able to understand ourselves and take steps to be happy and content.

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  2. Congrats on your nomination! This is a very unique but interesting one. It gave me more insights on you. I heartily extend my gratitude to you for nominating you. Will definitely take the time to do mine.

    Liked by 1 person

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