Do you sometimes feel that you’re missing out on precious moments?  Does that feeling tend to come when you scroll down social media feeds?  Although younger people tend to be more concerned, fear of missing out (FOMO) can happen to anyone.  Read my blog post for tips on avoiding FOMO.

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information, inspirational, and motivational purposes. I share things that I’ve learnt and experienced.  In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field.

Secondly, in times of social distancing and the lockdown in many countries (at the time of updating this blog post), do take all the necessary precautions and stay safe!

FOMO – ‘Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.

Early 21st century abbreviation of fear of missing out.’ – Lexico

As I blog about tips to make your daily life easier (my tagline), sharing hacks on life, self-improvement, and self-care, I’m dedicating this post to avoiding FOMO.  I spend much of my time online, it’s natural, being a blogger. Additionally, I also work from home, doing other activities via the internet. Therefore, making judicious use of my screen time is an absolute must!

Here are 10 tips to avoid the fear of missing out, and instead, duly feel joyful:

1. Are you missing out?

To begin with, are you missing out on something vital?  Sometimes, just seeing what your friends are doing may make you feel sad, left out or envious.  But seriously, do you truly need what they have or even want to be at the same place or do the same things that they are?

2. What’s happening?

What people post may often be what they want to show to the world.  Are they hiding their sorrow behind a smiley face? You can never really be sure what others live by and truly feel.  However, you can, on the other hand, control your thoughts and make the most of life!

3. Enjoy time alone

When you see others partying on social media, while you stay at home to study, take care of kin who’s feeling sick or to recover from fever yourself, you’re doing the right thing.  Although you shouldn’t always skip social occasions, you do need some ‘me time’ as well.

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How to avoid FOMO joyfully in life
Photo courtesy Canva. How to avoid FOMO joyfully in life, Tips from Sharvi.

4. Control social media usage

When faced with FOMO, don’t check social media too often.  If you’re feeling bad, then doing so can make you feel worse.  Read a nice book instead, have a cup of coffee, or talk to someone close.

5. Have no screen time

Disable unnecessary notifications on all your devices.  Limit the number of times you check social media during the day.  Avoid checking your phone first thing in the morning and last thing before going to sleep.  Go for a digital detox.

6. Better time usage

Make judicious use of your precious time by working on your self-improvement, self-care or other preferred activities.  Complete an online course while you’re alone or give yourself a home-spa treatment.  Enjoy yourself, although in solo.

7. Reasons for not joining

If you’re anxious because you’re not at a party that you were invited to (but declined the invitation yourself), then seeing photos of others present there, shouldn’t bother you.  You made a choice not to join them, perhaps because you had more important things to complete at home, you’re staying away from toxic people or other relevant reasons.

8. Meet up with true friends

When avoiding untrustworthy people, prefer to spend time with pals that you know are sincere towards you.  When you’re the one sending out invitations, and organizing a get-together, you can carefully choose the right company.  Surround yourself with supportive family and friends.

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How to avoid FOMO joyfully in life
Photo courtesy Canva. How to avoid FOMO joyfully in life, Tips from Sharvi.

9. Practice gratitude

Gratefulness is the key to happiness!  Recognize what you already have and feel wonderful.  I practice gratitude journaling, daily.

10. Live in the moment

Practice mindfulness.  It helps you to live in the moment.  Happiness is right here, right now… not elsewhere or anytime later. Joy and inner peace come from within, so choose it and smile.


FOMO is a common issue, often linked to social media usage.  While these platforms aren’t evil, control how you handle them. Be proactive, apply some of my above tips and recognize all the wonderful things that you already have in life.  Would you like to share your hacks or experience? If you know anyone who needs to read my post, please share it. Thank you!!

Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.


Definition of FOMO

Fear of missing out


33 thoughts on “How to avoid FOMO joyfully in life

  1. I rarely feel like I’m missing out on anything because it is a choice to get involved in things or stay quiet. I do understand the pressures some people feel over this.

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  2. I didn’t even know what FOMO was until I read this post… But perhaps that’s a good thing, haha. Love the tips, though. Even if I don’t think I have FOMO (I am way too lazy for social media), there’s still some good reminders for everyone.

    Have a good weekend 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have sometimes felt bad because I’ve not been invited to certain even I would like to go and I see people ther and wish to go, but this is not really FOMO as I have not been invited. Other than that, I don’t really have this FOMO feeling. I suppose that is more common on younger people, your advice is very valuable!

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  4. I have never really been in this situation but these are some great tips. Will share with my friends and family. I am very sure many people around em can make use of these tips.

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  5. I barely scroll social media as I try to make myself busy writing on my blog, working, reading, or just writing in general. I try to enjoy life without comparing myself.

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  6. I used to feel this when scrolling through social media. But I’ve decided not to let it bother me, we are all doing different things. I also remind myself that others are only posting what they want you to see. You are comparing your everyday with their highlight reel

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