Are you a fan of productivity hacks and love finding ways to constantly improve yourself?  If you’re keen on your success (no matter how you define it for yourself), you’re likely to be using helpful tools to support your productivity.  Read my blog post to see how using apps and tools add value to your productivity, performance, and success.

I enjoy the use of digital apps as well as traditional pen and paper to organize myself and boost my productivity.  As a blogger who works from home, I also run other businesses.  In this blog post, I’ll highlight some ways that digital apps can bring the best in you.

1. Plan your day

Planning your daily to-do list is vital.  In addition to your physical paper planner, you might even prefer keeping notes on your phone.  I find free note-taking apps very helpful.  I even journal daily, in addition to keeping my professional daily agenda.  I, however, keep both types of notes separate and in different apps.  

2. Automate

If you have an email list for your business or at work, then you probably use it to keep in touch with clients and leads.  A Customer Relationship Management system is vital.  Big organizations having complex tasks, normally use advanced and sometimes even industry-specific software.

My blog visitors can choose to subscribe by email.  They’re automatically added to my list.  Other than that, I schedule my social media posts to publish on the right days and time, conveniently, right from my phone.  These are 2 very simple, basic examples of using automation.  However, they’re very useful to me.  

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3. Monitor progress 

If you have a corporate job, then, your company could be providing relevant software for implementing and monitoring projects.  At an individual level, if you aim to work on improving your performance, then you may choose to use apps on your phone.  There are many habit tracking apps, from self-care, productivity, and so on.

4. Collaborate 

It’s great to collaborate with your team, give and receive feedback, and so on.  It’s convenient and time-saving.  Many apps help you do that.  I believe that with recent events (the social distancing lockdown, at the time of writing this blog post), such tools have risen in importance, becoming more popular than they ever were!

6 ways apps boost your productivity for the better
Courtesy of Canva. 6 ways apps boost your productivity for the better, Tips from Sharvi.

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5. Digital detox 

While speaking of apps to track habits, I can’t leave out those that foster digital detox as a self-care, and potentially, even a productivity habit!  Yes… apps help you to control your screen time so that you can relax better, make the most of family time, and enjoy the pure joys of life.  You may also use them to focus on your priority tasks, without being distracted by looking at your screen unnecessarily.  This, in turn, is conducive to getting work done without undue interference.

6. Self-improvement 

If you’re an enthusiast of personal growth, you’re likely to prioritize your self-improvement by choosing life-long and ongoing learning.  Online courses are convenient and often more affordable than those held at venues.  Find the learning method that you prefer… could it be reading books/ebooks, watching videos, or listening to podcasts, for example?

I enjoy developing my skills through video courses, reading, following webinars.  In normal times (before the lockdown), I also attended presentations, speeches and conferences at venues.  However, I go for online courses and events more often, as they save me time and money.  I also can access a variety of options to choose from, and learn from experts around the world, right from home.

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There are many handy apps and tools available to enhance your productivity, performance and support your success.  Find the right ones and enjoy the benefits!

6 ways apps boost your productivity for the better
Courtesy of Canva. 6 ways apps boost your productivity for the better, Tips from Sharvi.


To sum up, make the most of available apps and tools for better productivity, performance and success.  Would you like to leave a comment below?  If you know someone who will benefit from my blog post, please share it.  Thank you!!

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