Valentine’s Day should be celebrated every single day!  The 14 of February isn’t the only time of the year to show that you care and to spoil your loved ones!  Couples celebrate this special day and so do family and friends.

While you care for those close to you all year round, Valentine’s Day is more special.  You could be exchanging gifts, but I believe that spending time together is more valuable!  It’s great to have both, gifts and quality time together.  However, if you can’t afford gifts, you still can spend time that leaves behind golden memories to treasure.

I mostly share self-improvement for bloggers and solopreneurs.  It doesn’t mean that I can’t dedicate an article to highlighting why quality time is important in relationships.  Alongside working in your home office, do enjoy the simple joys of life.

I’m sure that you’ll find endless things that you can buy, so let me give you some ideas on activities to do on this tremendous day.  I’ll also start with singles, then move to couples, and families.

For singles

If you have to spend the day solo, spoil yourself to the maximum!  Take yourself out to your favorite places, doing things that you enjoy most.  Don’t forget that your canine friend also needs to celebrate it.  

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If you’re single but have family and friends to celebrate with, then see the ideas below in the article.

For couples

Plan for a surprise breakfast! Wake up earlier and prepare a special breakfast for your spouse, making sure to include their favorite delicacies.  Arrange the table nicely or serve breakfast in bed!

Curl up together on the couch to watch your favorite movie.  You can either choose a new movie or watch an older one that brings back the best memories.  In case you both don’t have the same taste, then give in to your spouse’s choice to spend a great time!  Don’t argue, just smile.

Bake heart cookies, decorate them in a favorite color and garnish them nicely.  Serve with tea, coffee, ice cream, or perhaps some wine or champagne.  These delicacies look, taste, and feel special.

Cooking together is a lovely way to spend time together while catering for a special Valentine’s Day dinner.  Light up candles and play soft music.  Have dinner out on the terrace, for a change.

Go for a long drive together, maybe in the countryside.  See nature, talk, and get out of the car to take photos of spectacular views!

With family

Party with your kids, family, and friends.  Celebrate togetherness and have fun at the same time.

Sing karaoke, taking turns so that everyone has a chance to interact in the group.  Show each and everyone that they’re special.

Play sports or games in teams.  Of course, the best team will win.  However, everyone needs to share the fun of playing together.

Do volunteer work together.  This Valentine’s Day, your whole family or group of friends can opt for a visit to a home or orphanage.  Make others know that they’re blessed, no matter in which circumstances they’re living today, the future should be better!

If you want to find more ideas while at home, read my other article.  It gives more activities that are indoors.  You’ll also find a selection of famous quotes.


Do you see why quality time is important in relationships?  My blog post has given you ideas about enjoyable activities in addition to or aside from exchanging gifts.  Valentine’s Day is special, and deserves to be lived every single day! 

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Light pink flower bouquet in a pot

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17 thoughts on “How to spend quality time on Valentine’s Day!

  1. Being single on Valentine’s Day and going to one of my favorite places led me to the love of my life. We knew each other, but spending time together talking that night was the start of our relationship.

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  2. It is such a joy for me to make up a Valentines gift bag for my three daughters. I love taking my time and finding meaningful items to include that show how much I care about them and how each of them is special and unique and loved.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so helpful!! I’m so glad you followed my blog (thank you) so I have now found yours! Can’t wait to keep reading through all these great tips…funny too because my cat (star of my blog) is a valentine kitty so I appreciated the inclusion of spending Valentine’s Day with your pet 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. When I was younger Valentine Day use to be hard for me, but now, (and still single) it’s getting better, because I’m learning to love myself before loving someone else

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