Are you already self-employed or perhaps considering becoming so in the future?  Are you tempted to be your own boss?  I’ve been working on my terms for over 6 years (at the time of writing this blog post).  Read my article to see 8 benefits of being self-employed.

Firstly, my blog post relates to the advantages of running your own business in normal times.  That is all year round and not necessarily tied to the current COVID-19 lockdown (at the time of writing this post).  However, you’ll also benefit from it during the lockdown, as it’s an evergreen post.

8 advantages of running your own business:

1. You are your own boss

One of the top reasons anyone would probably choose to be self-employed is the joy of being one’s own boss.  No need to ask for approvals from another person, you can easily take a day off when necessary, and so on.  Being your boss is appealing!

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2. Take major decisions

You take the major decisions of your business.  This helps you to develop a variety of skills.  You take calculated financial risks, so you know that you’re the captain of the ship. 

3. Save time commuting

When you work from home in your home office, you’ll save time and energy with no need to commute daily.  You can choose to use your additional hour or so on more desirable things.  I make the most of self-care and self-improvement activities.

8 benefits of being self-employed
Courtesy of Canva. 8 benefits of being self-employed, Tips from Sharvi.

4. Home office

With a home office, you benefit from having no office rental expenses.  It’s convenient and you can arrange it in a corner that you prefer the most.  

It’s important to define and set boundaries when working from home, have ergonomic or at least comfortable furniture, be well-equipped, and have stationeries handy.  Clock out of work, as you’d normally do.

5. Can hire freelancers

Depending on the nature of your work, you may be able to hire a team of freelancers who also work from their homes.  In the course of my entrepreneurship experience, I’ve worked with a freelance graphic designer when I needed special types of graphic works done.  However, most of the time, I make the most of Canva, by creating easy and professional-looking graphic designs all by myself!

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6. Flexible working

Being self-employed doesn’t automatically mean that you can work flexibly.  It depends on the type of business that you run.  For example, if you manage employees in a corporate office, then you’re likely to have working hours.  

On the other hand, if you work from home, you’re more likely to be able to choose when you want to work.  This also depends on the nature of the work you do.  As a blogger, who also runs other businesses from home, I do enjoy much flexibility!

7. Feel in control

When you work on your terms, make the major decisions, and take calculated risks in your endeavours, you’re more likely to feel in control of your life.  I feel that way…  Having had corporate working, entrepreneurship, and (currently) work from home experiences, I feel more satisfied and content with what I’m doing now.  

Although every person is different, having different personalities, feeling capable is generally attractive.  When you feel in control of your morning, daily agenda, and so on, you’re likely to feel more self-confident and serene.  No undue stress… or less of it!

8 benefits of being self-employed
Courtesy of Canva. 8 benefits of being self-employed, Tips from Sharvi.

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8. Self-care

Last but not least, always put self-care on your daily to-do list.  It’s an advantage to be setting your own agenda, but at the same time, over-working and burn-out is also a risk when you work for yourself!  Make sure to take advantage of being at your discretion, and duly dedicate enough time for self-care by relaxing and recharging.


Being self-employed is fascinating!  Many people already do it, or perhaps consider going for it.  Do you work on your terms?  Would you like to share your experience?  Please do so.  Thank you!!

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