How to plan your day for better productivity

Working smart, boosting productivity and realizing your dreams (personal and professional) are things that you aim for, right? How do you plan to achieve the success that you want daily? I blog about tips to make your daily life easier. In this post, I'll share with you 15 crucial ways to boost productivity that I … Continue reading How to plan your day for better productivity

PDFelement Pro product review

While previously using Adobe, I found that the latter lacks what I'm looking for. I wanted an alternative, with features to suit my current needs and at a better price. Do you use PDF? Read my blog post for more... Disclosure: This is a paid post. However, I'm under no obligation to praise the company's … Continue reading PDFelement Pro product review

8 advantages of working from home

Working from home is existent in various industries and countries around the world. People choose to work from home for diverse reasons. Certain companies have been encouraging this practice, where the need for a better work-life balance is recognized, employees are trusted to be disciplined, responsible and are accountable. Previously, I worked for companies, going … Continue reading 8 advantages of working from home

Eluding screen addiction (2)!

I'm back as promised, with the second of this 3 parts series.  If you missed the first one, you may wish to click here, where I evoked my experience of hiking, and how eluding screen addiction for a while, gave me so much benefit, that I'm now taking a digital detox, on a regular basis! In … Continue reading Eluding screen addiction (2)!