Are you realistic in life? Do you practically take things, learn from failure, smile through tears, and most importantly, not give up? Optimism and perseverance are part of your strength. I’ve created some images and videos that illustrate such topics. Read my article to find out more.

Instagram is a great platform in many ways. While I mainly blog through publishing articles on, I also post photos, quotes, and short videos that are relevant to my blog niche. In this article, I’ll highlight some of my Instagram works that provide value and illustrate my ideas and tips to my readers. These are the same topics that I write about on my blog, and seeing them on the other platform in a concise and more visual format, helps to capture the message in a nutshell.

So here’s my list of realistic images and videos:

From my Instagram

While I used to be a tea-lover for years, I took to coffee for more than a year. I more recently realized that this enjoyable habit could cause teeth staining. Having searched the internet, I found a handy hack that I shared in the video.

1) A hack to avoid getting coffee-stained teeth:

Learning to say ‘no’ when you need to, can make a positive difference. For example, removing toxic people from my life was vital. It’s not rude or selfish if you know that it’s the right thing, and you can’t take on more than you already are.

2) Watch ‘3 reasons to set boundaries’:

Are you a fan of procrastination? I hope not. However, it can happen to anyone, so tackling it as soon as possible can boost productivity for better results. I used some hacks and saw the results.

3) Watch ‘how to beat procrastination’:

Being mindful, living in the moment, and paying attention to the small, simple things in daily life can be so rewarding! I often take photos of flowers when I walk around my yard. These are special moments that bring pure joy!

4) Taking a mindful walk in my garden, image:

Mindful garden walk

Goal-setting is essential in achieving what you aim for. It takes hard (and smart) work and perseverance. Reviewing your set goals regularly helps to ensure that they stay relevant.

5) Set goals and review them periodically, image:

Set goals and review them periodically

It’s a chaotic world, at least sometimes, and anyone can feel under pressure and overwhelmed on certain days. In such circumstances, you could miss out on crucial tasks or forget things. Some simple hacks can help. I particularly like having apps on my phone, taking them wherever I go.

6) Hacks for remembering things conveniently, images (swipe for more):

Hacks for remembering things

2 Pinterest images: 

From my Pinterest

In addition to the 6 Instagram posts that I already shared above in this article, I’m adding 2 that are from Pinterest.  

The vertical image below highlights the importance of rereading old books.  It shows a storage box, containing some of my books that I had kept away and recently took the time to reread.  It’s fun and brings back memories.  When was the last time you did such a thing?

Click the image below to find my recommended self-help resources. It includes a freebie download as well, namely a productivity checklist.

These were some realistic, although small things that help much in daily life. While I believe in and live by them, I couldn’t help but blog about them for my readers to see. Through the social media illustrations, you can find a condensed form of the tips and hacks.


If you find value from my article, please like, comment, share and save the Instagram and Pinterest posts for later. Have a brilliant day!

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  1. Love the post and it is all about not giving up and continuing trying and learning. I am always looking to learn something new each day. Thank you for the wonderful post!

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