Have you seen the power of visualization yet?  It’s helpful in so many ways.  On my self-improvement blog, I’m listing 8 benefits that you shouldn’t miss out on.  Read my article for more.

While I share tips and hacks that I have found helpful with my readers, I’m dedicating this post to some ways that envisioning desirable things that you want to achieve can be beneficial.  I practise and have seen the results.  It’s also pleasant as part of my daily routine.

Here’s my list:

For self-improvement

1. Dream board

A dream or vision board is a typical example of how imagining your success can support you in achieving it.  It helps to illustrate what you desire and plan to work on.  It’s a powerful reminder that supports staying focused on your set goals.

I keep my dream board and goals on my phone where I see them regularly.  It guides me in staying on track.  Having it glued to a wall where it’s visible can also be handy.

2. Inspiration

When you’re intrigued and inspired by someone or something, the interest is there.  If you choose to pursue it for success (however you may define success for yourself), you need to make sure that you will take action.  In the process of planning for the realization of such things, picturing the result or maybe even the process itself is vital.

I like thinking about the result, final goal, or award. However, the process of taking action and small daily habits themselves are rather enjoyable.  Either way, it helps me much in what I want to work on.

3. Goals

Setting goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (the SMART criteria) is one popular tool.  Goals need to be reviewed and even updated if need be.  When you call to mind the important things through your dream board, it helps to remain on target.

While I use my time calendar to plan my daily to-dos, I also have monthly, quarterly, yearly (inclusive of my New Year’s Resolutions), and longer-term goals.  I also plan for my personal and professional objectives.  The vision board that I have on my phone often reminds me of my ‘why’.

4. Motivation

With inspiration, you get new interests, maybe even yearn to accomplish things.  Motivation, on the other hand, is like the fuel that keeps the desire burning.  However, when life gets in the way, motivation can also decrease.  Being disciplined is a way to keep going and not give up.

A woman lying down and thinking. Text: 8 benefits of the power of visualization in life. tipsfromsharvi.com, courtesy of Canva.
Image from canva.com. 8 benefits of the power of visualization in life – Tips from Sharvi.

5. Take action

With inspiration, motivation, disciple, and visualization, taking action is crucial to doing things.  There are times when you may lose courage, so, look at an illustration or picture the right things to bring back perseverance and don’t give up.  Have an action plan for your set goals.

I had spent many years feeling unsatisfied and doing things that I didn’t have much passion for.  For example, corporate jobs were not what I wanted in life.  After some years, I decided to focus on my life purpose.  I’ve been working as my own boss for 8 years (at the time of writing this article).  This change was a major challenge and I took actions that needed courage and perseverance.  This was not the norm in my environment, but I’m thankful that I embraced it!

6. Success

Having a vision board can be a great tool to work on achieving success.  Seeing images that you value can give the boost needed to focus on and work towards them.  While visual illustrations help, so does using your imagination.  I enjoy my moments of journaling and reflecting on my set goals.  

For self-care

7. Relaxation

When it comes to unwinding, visualization is again a fantastic practice.  Just think of a calm, peaceful waterfall, or river.  Can you hear the serenity of the music of water flowing?  What about the trees and birds chirping?

Envision nature and it helps to calm down.  I love looking at and taking a walk in my garden (if I can).  Breathing in fresh air is also so welcomed.  While taking the time to admire greenery, you feel reinvigorated.

8. Meditation

A calming view can do much about how you feel.  Using your imagination can induce relaxation as well.  Through meditation and mindfulness, you can reflect and feel the power of visualization.  I enjoy my daily serenity routine in the morning.  

These were 8 ways that using imagination to picture desirable things help.  Self-improvement and self-care are both vital.  Use a dream board for a wide range of goals and in many spheres of life, whichever you value most.


To sum up, visualization is a great way to focus on your goals for success.  It also helps in other ways, such as relaxation and meditation.  Would you like to comment on your experience?  If you find value in my article, please share it for more people to see.  Thank you!!

A beautiful photo of nature, with green trees, a waterfall, and people walking. Text: 8 benefits of the power of visualization in life. tipsfromsharvi.com, courtesy of Canva.
Image from canva.com. 8 benefits of the power of visualization in life – Tips from Sharvi.

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Featured photo credit: Photo by Kammeran Gonzalez-Keola on Pexels.com

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