Learning is indeed a blessing!  It helps so much in personal growth.  In a nutshell,  It’s your ally in life and for the better.

There are many articles that I published this year about acquiring knowledge, both formally and informally.  In this post, I’ll highlight their importance and link back to them.  8 were either published or updated this year, and 4 of them are older ones, a total of 12.

Here’s my list of 12 must-read writings:

Self-improvement for all

Lifelong learning has many benefits.  When you embrace it, you’re always thirsty to know more and at any age.  It’s key to personal growth, progress, and supports achieving your goals.

10 ways lifelong learning enhances your prospects

I once wrote an article to highlight 12 other articles on self-improvement.  It’s one of my top-performing posts, according to both my WordPress and Google Analytics stats.  It also links to other resources.  

12 self-improvement articles that will make your day

Gaining through activities is an interesting thing.  Which types of them do you practise?  Find those that suit you best and enjoy them while gaining from them.

6 learning activities with examples for success

I came across some great famous quotes on the topic and couldn’t help but share them with my readers.  Click below to find them.  Enjoy and ponder on the words.

10 brilliant quotes on learning new things


Leadership skills are vital for any team.  Some leaders have an official formal title, while others are rather informal.  Which type are you?

10 benefits of developing leadership skills for your success

Creativity is key to success in many ways.  Take social media, for example, and ask yourself how to find clients and make sales?  Being creative while knowing what works best for your audience plays a vital role.

10 ways to boost your creativity skills

I shared some handy tools that I use for my blog and that could help my readers as well.  Most of them can do much for free.  As a way to monetize my blog, I also included some affiliate links in the post.

35 great online tools for this year

I wrote about the benefits of sharpening digital marketing skills.  It supports a wide range of professionals and businesses in literally any industry.  From a solopreneur, small to big business, or any size of organization for that matter, someone needs the skills to find potential clients and boost sales.

8 reasons to boost your digital marketing skills

A bulb with many other symbols around it. Text: 12 learned blessings for this year to read. tipsfromsharvi.com, courtesy of Canva.
Image from canva.com. 12 learned blessings for this year to read – Tips from Sharvi.

Aspiring hobbyists

Are you looking for a new hobby?  If not, then do you already have one but have neglected it lately?  I recommend some online courses that can provide support by teaching the skills to realize such projects in the link below.

10 helpful online courses for new hobbyists

Some of my older articles

There are various ways or methods that you can study.  Know about the different options and choose the best and right ones for yourself.  Make studying a better task, enjoy, and most importantly, find the ideal way to retain it for the better.

Find your learning style for success

Do you read often?  It’s so helpful, from fiction books for leisure to academic and self-help resources for education, the sky’s the limit.  If you need to assimilate lots of information quickly, consider speed reading techniques.

8 ways speed reading supports your success

There are different types of helpful courses.  On my self-improvement blog, I focus on life tips, self-improvement, and self-care.  That’s my niche and I also suggest relevant resources.

3 self-help courses you need in life

These pieces of writing that I mentioned above are handy, so, do click on any that you may want to view.  While writing them, I gained much myself and I’m delighted to have published them for more people to see.  This is why I used the word ‘blessing’ in the title, as growing personally is such an advantage!

Last but not least, you must have heard the popular saying ‘knowledge is power’.  It’s also said that knowledge isn’t power just by itself, you must act and use it to your advantage.  If not, you’re not making proper use of it.  Do benefit from all that you acquire, and wisdom will be yours.

A notepad, pen, and pink flowers. Text: 12 learned blessings for this year to read. tipsfromsharvi.com, courtesy of Canva.
Image from canva.com. 12 learned blessings for this year to read – Tips from Sharvi.


To sum up, learning supports you in many ways in life.  It’s an ongoing and lifelong thing.  Use it to your advantage whenever you can.  If you find value in my blog, please comment and share it.  Thank you!!

Featured photo credit: Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

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