Do you sometimes find comfort in postponing what you have to do now, for later and perhaps even later on? Do you then regret not achieving your set goals on time? If you feel concerned enough, read on…

Everyone has procrastinated at some point in time, if not always. In this blog post I’ll list out 20 tips that I’ve personally seen as helpful in fighting against procrastination myself:

Throughout life

1. Strategically, you should first know your ‘whyor your life purpose. This is at the core of realizing what you really want in life, so it does apply to stop procrastination, as with everything else that you want to achieve in life in general.

2. Set goals using the SMART model (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) or another that you may prefer. This makes sure that you plan correctly.

3. Plan for success. Make sure you plan for things that truly matter to you so that you have no reason to procrastinate at all!

4. Quit perfectionism. While you should set high standards for yourself, waiting to be perfect will not help you to stop procrastinating.

5. It may be a debate if procrastination is a habit or nature of a person. However, work on it to see results for yourself.

“Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.” – Napoleon Hill

On a daily basis

6. Get motivated! Adopt a positive mind/attitude, repeat affirmations and live in the moment to be focused on doing things.

7. Prioritize tasks and set deadlines for better productivity. Make sure that the most important and urgent things get done first.

8. Have a to-do list. It guides you throughout the day.

9. Eat the frog! Get started with the hardest task first and get done with it.

“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And If it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” – Mark Twain

10. Eliminate what’s unnecessary by reviewing your to-do list. Are there things that have become redundant?

20 simple ways to stop procrastination, Tips from Sharvi.
Image courtesy Canva. 20 simple ways to stop procrastination, Tips from Sharvi.

11. Take baby steps by breaking down your work into smaller bits. Progress gradually and surely!

12. Batch similar tasks together to get things done properly and at ease. Avoid multitasking, which has been seen to decrease productivity and increase stress levels.

13. Having a morning routine will ensure that you get started with the day in an orderly way. Hitting the snooze button of your alarm, on the other hand, won’t!

14. Discipline or rather self-discipline will support you a lot in not procrastinating. Having a daily fitness routine helps to inculcate habits that are productive in nature.

15. Decluttering your office (and even your home) creates a more organized space. Declutter your life as well for emotional benefits.

16. Block out distractions. Quit checking emails unnecessarily, switch off your phone and turn off notifications that can wait.

17. Be accountable to yourself (and if possible to those close to you as well), so that you answer about how you’re progressing towards your set goals.

On a regular basis

18. Enhance your environment. Work in spaces that bring out the best in you. If at work, suggest to your manager to make small reasonable changes to your office. If you’re your own boss, you can bring all the changes you desire by yourself!

19. Tell close ones about your goals, so that you’re more motivated and you’ll then just have to achieve them!

20 simple ways to stop procrastination, Tips from Sharvi.
Photo courtesy Canva. 20 simple ways to stop procrastination, Tips from Sharvi.

20. Reward yourself. Now that you’ve achieved a goal, no matter how small… celebrate! Buy yourself your favourite ice cream, watch a movie with your friends and spoil yourself!


Procrastination doesn’t have to lead to failure! You can work on eliminating it for better results in your personal and professional life. Do you have any tips to share? Please do so. Thank you!!

Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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Quote by Napoleon Hill

Quote by Mark Twain


62 thoughts on “20 simple ways to stop procrastination

  1. Totally agree, just have a point, it is requested some time to procrastinate to give the best decisions and ideas for start, under the case of focus thinking.

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  2. Great tips Sharvi : ) what works really well for me is planning my morning actions the night before. I start early so it really helps me with getting started straight away rather than finding something else to do/procrastinate : )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Routine really does help so much when you are trying not to procrastinate. You need to get into the habit of things and then it’s harder to just put them off. But breaking down larger goals into smaller parts definitely helps as well so you aren’t overwhelmed.

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  4. I like the eat the frog quote. I’ve been working my way through the Artists Way and it’s definitely made a difference in my motivation.

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  5. I am such a procrastinator! I really needed to read all of these tips. I think making goals and having others hold me accountable for those goals is something that helps a lot.

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  6. I like the tip about eating the frog. It’s lovely if you get the hardest thing out of the way done first. Somehow, it’s the other way that’s worked better for me. Finish all the little tasks first and then clear your day for the big, hard one.

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  7. I think the two ideas that keep me moving are having a list and accountability. I love being able to check those things off, and I tell my husband my daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals and he tells me his so we can keep each other on track.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Sharvina.y sincerely I am guilty and I broke down this morning reading this post, I regret my past and mistakes I have made with procrastination. Can I repost this on my blog?

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