Are you a book lover?  Reading is a powerful habit that can bring you so much, from entertainment to self-help.  Do you set success goals and work on them?  Adopting a positive mindset is a primordial part of the process.

Here, on Tips from Sharvi, I blog about beneficial things.  My readers also share their experiences through comments.  Self-improvement is for everyone who believes in it.

1. Inspiring content

Learn how to have a positive mindset through books.  Make a list of them, then shortlist, and read those that you prefer.  Motivational, inspiring, leadership, personal finance, and relationships are some areas.

I ensure that I stay focused on my blog and another business that I run from home.  Having the right attitude is crucial.  Working from my home office, being my own boss, I have to stay on track.  There’s no one to scold me, but I ensure that I meet deadlines.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. It means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission (at no additional cost to you).

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Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor?

Find ways that the rich think differently.  Choose your ideology.

2. Thought leaders

Find out what industry leaders have experienced.  Best practices save you time, instead of trial and error.  Learn from the failure of the best, in addition to your own pitfalls.

A winning attitude can boost your performance for success.  Network with the right people.  Have you ever heard of the popular saying “You’re the average of the five people spend the most time with”?

3. Ongoing self-improvement

Read inspiring and motivational content regularly.  It puts you in a way of thinking, conducive to perseverance.  Giving up is easy, however, with persistence you’ll continue all the way.

Going out of your comfort zone has many benefits.  It’s hard, but adopting the right mentality pays off.  When I started blogging, I saw how sharing my experiences helped (not only me but also my readers).  

4. Convenient e-book

Devouring text anywhere, anytime you choose, is convenient.  Digital is a popular choice.  It’s also a paperless format, helping to save the environment.

I love my devices and use them a lot to educate myself.  I remember how I used to read paper novels at school.  I still sometimes use this format, especially on weekends.  It’s an opportunity for a digital detox.

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5. Portable resources

Embracing a positive ideology can need effort.  Set the right goals and take action.  With regular practice, you’re likely to adopt such daily habits, naturally.

E-books are portable and convenient.  While in a waiting room (outside of the lockdown period), it can be tiresome.  Make judicial use of your precious time by being productive.  Portable devices such as your kobo or kindle can become your best friend!

6. Audio versions

E-readers and podcasts can help save time.  If possible, do a light task while listening.  It might be unproductive to do many things at the same time.

I often find it bothering to listen while multitasking.  I prefer giving my full attention to a podcast to get the most out of it.  Avoid multitasking in case it stresses you.

Woman cross legged. Text: 12 success benefits of reading positive mindset books,
Woman cross legged

7. Morning routine

Do you have a good morning routine?  Use it for better self-care, prepare for a productive day ahead, and work on your set goals.  Depending on how much time you have, make the most of it.

If you’ve planned on consuming relevant information, make time for it in the morning, if possible.  I read a little after breakfast, before moving to my home office.  It’s a great way to start the day strong.

8. Bedtime routine

In case mornings aren’t a good fit for you, then at night could be better.  Once the kids are asleep, the house is quiet, it could be the best time.  Take out your guide, note your progress.

I normally journal before bedtime, tracking my goals and progress.  It helps me to see when I’m lagging and need to catch up.  It’s a helpful way for staying accountable.

9. Repeat affirmations

Have an outlook relative to progress.  Repeat affirmations daily to boost motivation.  Be inspired to realize something.  While motivation can decrease over time, discipline can better support you to keep taking consistent action.

Life does get in the way.  If you lose the zeal that you had before, it could bring all effort to a stop.  Don’t give up, make the most of affirmations to remain on track.

10. Supportive activities

There are ways to enhance activities.  You don’t have to work in a silo.  Join communities of like-minded individuals.  Share and learn from each other.

Facebook groups are one example.  They tend to be free.  However, paid subscriptions are also available.  Participating in online forums could be preferred in times of social distancing.  

11. Reach your goals

Whatever be your vision, setting goals is vital.  It helps by guiding and measuring your advancement.  There will be times when you’d want to give up. However, optimism and discipline can be your strength.

Devouring helpful content that builds enthusiasm is crucial.  Then make things happen by putting to practice.  Have a plan for action-taking, as it’s necessary to see results.

12. Alternatives

While my article is mainly on the use of books, videos tend to be more popular.  Whichever might be your preferred format, use it.  Visual ones are helpful too.

Having seen the benefits of online courses personally in my life, I work with brands to promote their products.  Webinars are also popular.  If you prefer taking sessions, then seeking professional help for 1:1 life coaching could be your choice.


Read books to boost a positive mindset.  In turn, use it to reach your success goals.  Use other forms, such as audio and video if you prefer, and practise.  Comment to let me know about your experience.  If you know someone who needs such tips, please share my article. Thank you!!

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Blue yellow purple ones

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  1. Positive mindset books are so much fun! I enjoy it as well, it is always very inspiring and makes me strongly believe in a brighter future ahead of us!

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