Do you pay enough attention to your balance and body posture?  It can make much difference in your daily life.  Read my article to find out more.

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information, inspirational, and motivational purposes. I share things that I’ve learned and experienced.  In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field.

I’m careful of how I stand, walk, and sit.  There are some key reasons for this.  If you haven’t given it much thought, read on, mindfully.

1. Self-image

Your self-image is likely to be at its best.  Imagine yourself walking with pride.  It not only looks attractive to others but makes you feel beautiful or handsome too!

Hold your back straight, walk, and sit at your work desk correctly.  These can all affect how your pose looks.  Having a bad way of standing and/or moving, can entail many undesired results.  I try my best to be careful about it.  

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2. Feel confident

Having a good self-image, in turn, boosts self-confidence.  Doesn’t knowing that you look your best, also make you feel your best?  Try it out and see.

Ladies can spend up to hours getting ready.  Why do we do so?  It’s a pleasure to feel glamorous.  Everyone can benefit from it, and even in less time.

3. Look taller

With a straight spine, you could look taller.  That’s because your back is being held straight.  It’s rather your true height that gets shortened when usually bent.

I remember when I was still growing up, I used to measure my height often.  Using a ruler, standing against the wall,  I marked my height with a pencil.  I was hoping to grow taller quickly. 

4. Catwalk style

Isn’t it a joy to admire models?  They learn the techniques, practising how to catwalk.  People tend to be more conscious of trends when they’re younger.  However, everyone can look stylish.

As a teenager, I was a good athlete, winning a few gold medals at my school.  I also enjoyed dancing and performing on stage sometimes.  Those practices helped me much.  Over the years, I no longer have the same activities.  However, good daily habits help me to maintain my carriage.

5. Show grace

Have you noticed how graceful a professional ballerina looks?  The skills that they have, are remarkable.  How they move is breathtaking.

The way they hold themselves straight and have balance is special.  For starters, practising in the presence of a professional teacher is a must.  Otherwise, there may be a risk of injury.

The feet of a ballerina. Text: Correct balance and body posture: 10 reasons to enjoy,, courtesy of Canva.

6. Avoid injury 

Have proper balance while exercising.  Ensure that you wear non-skid shoes that are adapted to the type of physical activity.  Losing balance, slipping and falling could hurt.

Exercise in an environment conducive to safety.  A trained instructor should correct any wrong positions while you do the steps.   Avoid practising fitness activities on your own, especially if you’re new to it.

7. Avoid slouching

Do you slouch when you work at your desk?  Spending hours a day (in such a manner) can have undesired consequences.  Such habits can spoil your stance and cause various health issues. 

I’ve noticed that bending while at my desk may result in strain in the back, shoulder, and arms.  It can potentially cause burnout and a decrease in productivity from fatigue.  Taking regular breaks, drinking enough water, having air ventilation, and proper sleep daily is primordial.  

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Some potential health concerns could be:

8. Body aches

Having an incorrect pose for long periods can cause aches.  Wear comfortable shoes if you have to walk a lot.  Prefer ergonomic furniture at work or in your home office.

9. Breathing

Avoiding a hunch position can help with better lung capacity.  Breathing in oxygen correctly helps to stay energetic.  You can then focus on better productivity.

10. Improved digestion

In yoga practice, some exercises help better digestion.  It’s best to learn from a trained instructor to avoid doing them wrong.  Online classes are preferable in times of social distancing.

There are more ways for discomfort, and this list isn’t exhaustive.  However, taking due care right from the start helps to avoid them.  As already mentioned earlier in my post, do seek professional help if needed.


Adopting or maintaining a correct body posture is vital for many reasons.  Proper balance helps against injury while exercising.  Do embrace these good habits for the better.  Please comment and share my article, if you find value in it.  Thank you!!

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21 thoughts on “Correct balance and body posture: 10 reasons to enjoy

  1. A great piece, Sharvina. My wife works for a Registered Massage Therapist who tells everyone to walk as though they were dangling from a string by their head. I’ve tried it and the suggestion does wonder for improving posture when walking.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi Sharvina, thank you for sharing.
    I started feeling aches shortly after being transferred to a desk-bound job. Now I know why I slouch, I will definitely follow your tips to reverse the effects of my poor posture. Once again, thank you.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I learned ballet for many years and it definitely helped with my posture. Though, I needed this reminder today for my work at the desk. Like you say I need to get up and move around more. Getting up now .

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I’m always checking that my back is straight and my shoulders down. I feel better when I have the correct pose (like you mention, better breathing, digestion, etc.).
    Aren’t yoga and dancing great? I love both too. So helpful to make you aware of your body.
    And of course, having an ergonomic chair at work makes a world of difference!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Excellent advice, Sharvina.
    I was so happy when, after beginning to read your article, I noticed my back was straight. Haha. I generally enjoy sitting in a ‘ conscious’ fashion. This is probably due to the dancing I do. I know the importance of posture for all the reasons you’ ve highlighted.
    The one thought that came to me was the importance of good eating habits. Without good nourishment, we do not have the energy to hold ourselves upright with good carriage.
    Yet again, another well-researched article.

    Liked by 2 people

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