There are many benefits of using humor and communication to your advantage.  Doing so helps in many circumstances.  Read my article to see the reasons not to miss out on it.      

As a blogger, I mostly write articles.  I also post images and videos on social media.  Being entertaining when giving examples, helps in various ways.

1. Connect with your audience

A good joke is a great way to create a connection.  Being jovial can help draw people towards you.  Your listeners should feel that they know you.

I was once a member of a public speaking club.  As an ambivert, I learned many helpful tips.  One crucial skill that I value is feeling at ease and making others do the same.

2. Break the ice

When you don’t know your audience and vice versa, there seems to be a barrier between you.  How will you start?  What if they don’t like you?  These could be some common concerns before you start presenting.

Once more, at the very same club, our first speech project was to break the ice.  It was a short talk, mainly to introduce myself to other members.  A terrific approach was to be witty and feel connected.

3. Brighten up a conversation

There can be an embarrassing pause when you’re talking to others.  Each one may wonder what to say next.  This is especially true while networking professionally.  It can also sometimes happen with friends, colleagues, and close ones.

How to add humor to a conversation? Draw people’s attention back and make things interesting by telling a joke.  Ease out tension.


4. Make them unwind

Let go of fatigue and stress.  Do it for yourself and others.  Relax and live in the moment.

Through a genuine smile, warm things up.  Being playful is informal, but beneficial.  If a professional event, avoid being too casual but still do give a warm smile and firm handshake.

5. Laughter best medicine 

People say chuckling is the best medicine. It can make anyone feel younger and carefree. While stress adds years to your face, seeing the bright side of things is beneficial.

Laughter yoga is a therapy that many people practice.  I’ve practiced it and burst into giggles for no reason.  Have you tried it yet?

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6. Put yourself in their shoes

When talking to others, think from their point of view.  Why should they care to listen to you?  Why give you their attention and precious time?

When giving a formal presentation at work, too much laughter is likely to be seen as unprofessional.  However, an occasional acceptable joke can make a positive difference.

7. Put them in your shoes

Humor and communication skills often go hand in hand.  Both (together) can create better empathy.  When meeting up with pals informally, use it to create a better connection and bond.

8. Encourages mutual understanding

When you joke about how something happened, let them see your side of the story.  When everyone laughs together, there’s a sense of belonging.  It’s not about ‘me and you’, but rather ‘we’.

Meeting people informally, you perhaps feel that you know them better.  Former classmates are an example.  You may all reminisce about your student years together.  

9. Can improve trust

Having fun together can help break barriers.  When people party, they can get to know each other better.  Families take vacations together for quality time.  

Have dinner with people to chat.  Even taking a client to a café to discuss business is a form of entertainment.  However, being too carefree may not be right in this case.

10. Gain receptiveness

When you’re in a conversation, the person may lose concentration at some point.  Knowing that it’s primordial to get their attention, a little wittiness can help.    


11. Riddles are fun

Use riddles to get people thinking.  Let them guess and answer.  It’s playfulness while talking.

When I was a child, I’d say “what’s a knife hanging on a tree?” and the answer would be “tamarind on a tree”.  Saying “water hanging”, had to be “coconut on a tree”.  These are some popular riddles from where I grew up.

12. Higher team spirit 

A leader not only ensures that goals are met but also aims at improving synergy.  Team building events can support better team spirit if done properly.  Although work requires professionalism and some formality, special events can be laid back.  

Many corporate events include dancing and playful activities.  It’s a moment for colleagues to interact in a different environment.  If you’re a solopreneur, meet up with others you network with.

13. Humor in business communication

Even though business is serious, using a personal touch can help to connect better.  It all depends on the branding.  Microsoft and Google are huge and seem to never address me by my name in emails.  On the other hand, smaller brands do personalize emails better.  

People generally prefer personalization.  Segmenting your email list based on personas is helpful.  Addressing someone by their name creates a better connection.  A light wisecrack when appropriate is interesting.

14. Avoid irony

Irony often hurts people.  For the sake of better relationships, avoid using it.  While it may be fun for some people, it could be devastating for others.

Sarcasm is often used to express things indirectly.  However, it can potentially result in others feeling insulted.  Mockery may generate giggles, but with maturity and sagacity, better refrain from using it.

15. Persuade joyfully

Humor in persuasion can be effective.  If you want to persuade, then storytelling can be helpful.  A little playfulness can aid attentiveness.  Don’t overdo it to distract from your motive, but rather keep the focus where it should be.

Stories are great, create interest, and describe your point of view.  While entertaining others, you can get your message across at the same time.  I once wrote an article and used fiction to illustrate my point.


Everyone enjoys a good laugh.  It has so many benefits and in many circumstances of life.  If you know someone who needs to read my article, please share it.  How do you optimize humor and communication for the better?

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  1. Great blog post Sharvina! Thanks for sharing your experience of being in a public speaking group. I feel this would be very useful when meeting new people and in tricky social situations as well. Thank you

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