Keeping up with the latest around you is essential.  The news can be crucial for personal and professional reasons.  What’s happening locally, internationally, and in your industry?  However, how do you stay informed with the latest events when life is hectic?  Read my article for tips.

I once worked at a press company for around 2 years.  It helped me build experience while studying part-time for my business degree.  I’m now a solopreneur and blogger.

There are a handful of convenient ways to keep track of crucial information.  At the same time, you may choose to avoid information overload.  Too many incoming alerts may become annoying. 

Here are some handy ways to achieve staying enlighted:

Subscribe by email

This tip is obvious.  Who wouldn’t have guessed about it?  Of course, an email subscription is a popular way of staying in the loop.

I use it for some companies.  Certain topics even help me with blogging.  If you want to get additional self-improvement resources from Tips from Sharvi, you may choose to download my freebie.

Download the productivity checklist

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Follow on social media

Find your desired company on the social media platform of your choice.  Follow to know when there’s anything new.  However, the way the algorithms work, you may miss certain posts.  It’s better to check from time to time.

An email has an advantage, as you’re more likely to see what’s in your inbox.  Social media can get messy.  With so many posts in your feed, you can end up wasting time.

Pin Twitter list

I love using Twitter lists.  This feature helps me to create dedicated feeds for related important accounts.  Pin those lists that you value most and find those feeds easily!

Find and follow me on Twitter for self-improvement!

Use Google Alerts

Set up alerts, so that you receive emails for your chosen terms.  Keep track of content on the internet that you want to find.  Take the time to read through them.

I even found irrelevant content by using this option.  I then edited the alerts for better specificity.  You can also change the email delivery frequency as you prefer.

Download apps

Be it on the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play Store, find your chosen provider.  Get the latest insights when desired.  Customize for your needs.

I’m currently using BBC News.  Having selected the topics I want, I quickly access these easily.  Enable or disable app notifications, as you prefer.

It’s a convenient way to find what you want.  While much is accessible on the web and through desktops, move around and have it on the phone.  Never miss out on what you track.

Get Google News

An aggregator service.  Get it through the App or Play Stores and on the web.  It’s a popular one developed by Google.  You can choose from many languages as well.


Reddit is an American aggregation, content rating, and discussion website.  I must admit that I still don’t make use of it, but plan to.  You can up or downvote submissions. 


Flipboard is also another that you can use.  You can ‘flip’ through the content shared.  Access it on your desktop or phone.

Subscribe to RSS feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) helps you find the latest on websites.  It displays a web feed.  You can follow various types of websites this way. 

I was using Feedly some time back for business-related tips.  However, I find YouTube videos more engaging.  Do consider what format you prefer as well.

Pay for more 

Much content out there is free.  However, sometimes you get more through paid services.  There may be a paywall for accessing premium content.  On the other hand, some apps offer both free and paid versions.

Harvard Business Review is an example of paid subscription.  They also offer live webinars.  You can register for free.  If you’re a business person, go for it.

Social and political happenings are something you’d normally not spend on.  However, in some cases, paying to read high-quality content becomes a reality.  If you’re the CEO and need access to business information, then it could be useful.  

Some years ago, I was paying for the online version of a daily newspaper.  It was helpful to access it on my device, without having to buy a paper copy every morning.  It also cost less than the printed version and saved the environment.  

Traditional options

Technology makes it convenient to access information anytime and anywhere.  Some can even be accessible offline.  Online content also tends to be either free or even cheap.  

Traditional methods still do have their value, even though younger generations mostly hang out online.  How to stay updated without social media?  When there’s a long power cut and no access to the internet, it can be hard. 

Read the printed press.  I remember how the elderly at home used to wake up early and read paper periodicals.  It was a special time while sipping their morning tea or coffee.

Watch TV.  I still do wait for the daily evening journal.  Even with so much online, it does help me to catch up on local things.

Listen to the radio.  Driving my car, I take the time to hear what’s happening.  Live interview shows are interesting.  These may not be available elsewhere, except on radio station websites through the replay (if available). 

Cut out the unnecessary

With so much at your fingertips, there’s often an excess.  Who wants information overload?  It’s overwhelming and could potentially cause burnout.  Be selective about what you follow, and minimize notifications.  Focus on your priorities and unsubscribe unapologetically to the unnecessary.

There are many options to choose from.  You may have to test different methods.  See what’s best for you.  

Read online reviews if you’re considering any paid products or services.  Always consider the terms, payment modes, and refund policy.  Normally, you get free access to lots already.


Staying in the loop and up to the minute is advantageous.  Be it for personal or professional reasons, remain enlightened.  Which methods do you prefer to keep updated with the news? 

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