Taking action now, and not later, is a must.  Why is it so important for success?  Read my article for some tips, ideas, and helpful examples. 

Self-help is your ally in life.  On my self-improvement blog, I share what I learn and experience.  Keep reading to find out more.

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1. Productivity is key

When it comes to progress, people taking action are better off.  Those who hesitate and stay still, only delay results.  Productivity is all about getting the desired results without delay.

As a solopreneur and blogger, I enjoy my activities.  To support better productivity, I’ve organized my home office accordingly.  I have a decluttered and minimalistic space to work in and a stunning garden view from my window!

2. Taking action quotes

Famous quotes often shine with wisdom.  Learn from your role models.  Use it for your inspiration and motivation.

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

3. Beyond an inspiration

Inspiration is often the first step or stage for success.  Motivation to continue and persevere may be hard at times.  If you remain idle, then all efforts made in the past may go to waste.

4. Not only a dream

Starting with a dream is helpful.  It shows you a vision that you want to accomplish.  However, a fantasy by itself is in vain.  Perform to realize your need or desire.

5. Set meaningful goals

Dreams and visions propel you to progress.  Goals are specific targets to get there.  Often, people use the SMART goal-setting method.  Other techniques can support also you in measuring advancement.

6. Linked to your purpose

Know your life purpose and go for it.  When you know you’re focused on meaningful goals, you work hard for them.  On the other hand, doing things with little or no conviction could lead to abandoning them.

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7. Plan and execute

Once you set the right goals for yourself, plan on how to realize them.  Some aims are straightforward, especially small personal tasks.  Others could be more complex and require careful thinking and even risk-taking.

8. A rational decision

The judicious maneuver may be crucial to decisions.  When you need to perform, doing so is critical.  Think of a scenario where a vital execution was delayed or never happened, and how it impacted your life.

9. Focus on achievement

When you know clearly what beings value, you can focus on it.  To see advancements in your projects, taking action and communication is key.  It’s often possible that you work with a team to gain results.

10. Make things happen

Staying idle is regretful.  You could hesitate, not doing anything.  You may instead get caught up in unnecessary matters.  To accomplish the desired result, remain active, doing the right things.

11. Time is precious

Time is valuable.  It’s priceless.  Even money can’t buy more of it.  Then, why let it go to waste?  Enjoy life, and do the things that matter most to you.

12. Tomorrow may never come

Sadly, tomorrow may never come.  Life gets in the way.  Don’t postpone purposeful undertakings, as they risk never seeing the day.

13. Reject procrastination

Avoid procrastinating.  It can be tempting to put away things that are challenging or need much effort.  Sometimes you may not have willingly chosen a project, and feel obliged.  However, if targets are to be met, do get to operation.

14. Live in the moment

Relish the small joys of life.  When drinking my coffee in the morning, I savor every sip.  What makes your day?  

15. Get your confidence

If something is stopping you from performing, find out why.  Is it low self-esteem?  Are there barriers to remove, new skills to develop, or anything else?  Deal with these and get going.

16. Determination is strength

Be determined to crush your objectives.  It’s the fuel of passion that supports perseverance.  When you use your force for what you believe in, it’s meaningful.

17. Discipline supports motivation

Motivation can decrease.  When going through hardships, you could feel discouraged.  Discipline is great at supporting you.

18. Through thick and thin

Linked to the above paragraph, do not give in.  Having ups and downs is part of life.  However, maintain your routines for success. 

19. Failure teaches much

Failure is not desired by itself.  However, it often aids success.  If you learn from past fiascos, and never repeat them, you gain life lessons.

20. Don’t wait for perfection

Similar to procrastination, waiting for perfection will delay advancement.  Start now and don’t wait for long or forever.  Others who do so will be ahead of you if you don’t.

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21. Build experience earlier

Fail fast and early in the journey.  It costs you less.  You find out what doesn’t work.

22. Expertise takes long

It takes years and much effort to grow your experience.  If you aim at being an expert in your chosen field, do not delay.  Take the initiative and start today, as the sooner, will be the better.

23. Learn by doing

Grow your learning curve.  Take measures to find out about things.  The more your read about a topic, the more you may enrich yourself.

24. Remain updated always

Keep up with the latest industry trends.  What’s happening in the news?  Which are the best new practices?  In a crisis, you could still have an edge.

25. Self-help supports

People build new skills at any age.  Self-improvement is a great way to stay on top of things.  Keep undertaking what brings you towards your achievements.


Do you need time management skills for personal and professional productivity?  Enroll in the online course today!  Work smarter for all the benefits it brings.  Taking action on your goals is crucial in life.

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  1. Hey Sharvina, great read! I particularly enjoyed your in-depth discussion of discipline, since it was something I hadn’t really thought of before. Being a fellow blogger myself, I also really appreciate how organized and well-formatted everything was – it definitely made the content much more digestible overall. Keep up the awesome work!

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