Is morning the best time to study?  You may be a student or already a professional.  The need to learn is beneficial to all, at any age.  Read my article for ideas.

Being a self-improvement blogger, I fully support lifelong learning.  I studied for my business degree when I had a full-time job.  I also used convenient online methods.  Nowadays, working from my home office as a solopreneur and blogger, I always sharpen my skills.

Through examples of my experiences, I’ll suggest helpful tips.  I’ll also recommend an online course.  If you need the skills, do take a look and enroll.

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Learning How to Learn:

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I’ll share key tips that you can incorporate into your life.  As I already mentioned at the start, lifelong learning is for everyone.  So, whatever your profession and stage of your career, take the opportunity to grow personally.

Organize yourself

Being well-organized has been a strong point for me.  Many people told me that it’s difficult to juggle work and education.  However, it can be accomplished with some handy tips.

As part of organizing myself, I prioritize a good environment.  Having a dedicated space with my office desk.  Stationery and resources are always easily accessible to save time.

Have a thoughtful study time schedule.  If you feel fresh in the morning, then wake up earlier and take advantage of it.  I must admit that I have better focus early in the morning and memorize better.

‘Students are generally more productive in the morning than the afternoon.[37]

In addition to time management and sleep, emotional state of mind can matter when a student is studying.’ – as on Wikipedia 

Careful time management 

Prioritize the essentials.  What do you need to accomplish?  Think of your goals, target, and metrics that serve as a guide.

When I set my blogging goals, I refer to my strategy.  It reminds me of the direction I aim for.  Based on these, I know what skills I should develop first.

When I planned to start my newsletter, I gained much through resources.  I love using my morning time to read ebooks and concentrate.

Eliminate distractions

Which do you prefer, tranquility or chaos?  It’s often easier to concentrate with serenity.  This makes the break of dawn a perfect time.  

Wake up earlier when the kids are still asleep.  No noise from your spouse, anyone sharing the same house, and the neighborhood.  Having fewer vehicles on the road makes it convenient to focus on your tasks.

Night study time can also suit some people.  If you normally have a high energy level at the end of the day, then go for it.  I tend to feel a bit exhausted at that time and prefer to relax.

Some people may prefer nighttime when the kids are already asleep.  It’s a matter of having spare time, based on their schedule.  Those who work during the day can prefer to revise like a  night owl. 

Enroll – powerful mental tools

Daily habits to adopt

Some healthy habits are a must.  Be it for those who undertake education, formal or informal training, these are crucial.  If you want to stay in shape and fit for your activities, embrace them.

Ensure enough sleep for a sharp mind.  Proper sleep is normally around 8 hours.  Don’t wake up drowsy and in a bad mood.

Have nutritious foods daily.  Ensure intake of enough vitamins, and minerals.  Drink plenty of water.

Wake up before sunrise and exercise.  Have a routine that supports better productivity.  Feel the vitality and get to your desk to complete a course or revise.

Is it bad to study the morning of a test?

Be prepared and have a proper revision plan.  It’s best to always be on time.  Stay up to date with all your lessons.  You’ll never have to grasp from zero before your tests and exams. 

As a student, I always read my notes on the same day at home.  I then had less work to do before tests.  It was simpler to revise before my exams too.

Nowadays, I’m always building my skills for my business.  I still find mornings better to focus and assimilate information.  Certain types of courses do ask for a test, including online methods.

How many hours to study?

What is the duration of a module or course?  Let’s say 40 hours over 6 months.  If you take lessons once a week, plan for x hours of self-study after each session.  When you’ve covered the whole syllabus, you know it all.  Plan your revisions. 

A pile of books. Text: Is morning the best time to study brilliantly?

Best time

When are you most alert?  When can you block out distractions?  Eliminate time wasters and find a quiet place.

Based on your commitments, when is it most convenient?  Are you a full-time student, or a part-time mature student?  Are you taking corporate training, building your business, or solopreneur skills?  Fit slots in your calendar and take action.

Tactics are handy

Find your best learning style, backed up by research.  There are relevant theories and techniques.  Find the one that suits you best and make the most of it.

Take advantage of handy tips for the better.  Mnemonics are helpful to remember things.  Make up your own or remember acronyms.

Use mind mapping to sketch out content.  It makes it easy to remember.  On the other hand, linear note-taking can sometimes be confusing.

Find patterns.  One way to remember is to find a trend.  These hacks will make your life easier.


Take the online course to benefit from powerful mental tools. First light tends to be the best time to assimilate.  People may prefer other times of the day, especially due to commitments.  However, the morning is the best time to study and memorize.

17 thoughts on “Is morning the best time to study brilliantly?

  1. Great article! Mornings have always been difficult for me to study or even going to work. I know it works for many people and is documented as the best time, I just have never been good at it. I have worked overnights and afternoons for several years and I guess I’m just accustomed to it! But with that said, morning to me is actually midday! Thank you for always sharing great information.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I used to study and memorize the best during night and recently a friend told me that scientifically speaking, memorizing is better during day and I was a bit surprised
    Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I used to study at night bc I feel I can concentrate more… But my mom says that morning time is best to study and improves concentration… But as a student I can’t study in the morning bc of my schools.

    Liked by 1 person

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