Find some handy ideas for better self-help. While this topic is rather broad, some things can support you. Read on to take advantage for the better.

My self-help blog is full of handy articles to read. I also post on social media about the same topics. In this article, I’ll guide you to some of my other articles, Instagram posts, and Pinterest idea pins.

Personal development

1. Positive mindset 

I start with an image of my photo.   The first step is often positivity.  Whenever you start a project, believe in yourself.  Know that you’ll do all that it takes to succeed.

2. Personal growth prompts

Journaling is such a supportive habit.  It helps me with better motivation, tracking progress on my set goals, and gratitude.  Find what you want to work on and use prompts to realize it.


3. When to study?

As a University student in your 20’s, you study full-time.  Later on, you may choose to work full-time and build better skills part-time.  Self-help is a lifelong and ongoing process.  Research shows that morning tends to be the best time to focus and assimilate.

4. Curiosity or passion 

When it comes to learning new things, are you curious or passionate?  Both support self-improvement.  However, curiosity is more stable than passion.

5. Idea generation hacks

When it comes to decision-making, find the best alternatives.  Then evaluate them and choose the greatest one.  Be creative and innovate.


6. Celebrate small achievements

Reward yourself even for the small victories.  These are key milestones that are reached.  Overall, they contribute toward bigger success goals.

7. Focus productively

Being focused is best to work more and in less time.  Avoid unnecessary distractions.  Work smart and reap the benefits.

8. Meditative productive things

Meditation has many benefits.  It helps to calm down and enjoy the serenity.  It also aids concentration.  There are mediative activities to enjoy that boost productivity at the same time.


9. Red flowers are catchy

Color psychology is very helpful.  Even in business and marketing, it’s used for the better.  Red draws attention, while blue brings calmness.  

10. Humor with communication

Be it in personal or professional life, communication skills are crucial.  From convincing close ones to influencing others at work, these are key.  Add humor when appropriate and create better relationships.

11. Professional through hard times

Life can be hard at times.  Emotions can show even when you resist.  Showing up professionally in such times can be challenging.  

12. Being a passionate professional

There are many reasons to choose your profession carefully.  Being passionate about what you do is best.  Wake up in the morning with courage, even with ups and downs.

Through this article, I’ve highlighted some helpful self-help hacks and ideas.  I’ve also shared some of my articles,  social media images, and videos to illustrate.  Do take a closer look at any that you may want to know more about.


Personal growth is amazing!  It’s your true ally in life.  Which of these ideas for better self-help do you love most?

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