Have you ever wondered about a virtual assistant home job?  If working in your home office sounds appealing, have you considered being a VA?  Read about the benefits in my article.

I’m a solopreneur and self-improvement blogger.  During my first job, I assisted a Group Manager at the junior staff level.  Later on, I moved to another company as a Team Leader.   However, I’ve chosen to work on my terms (for over 9 years at the time of writing). 

Being a VA, you can take advantage of many things.  Operating from your abode can be interesting.  It entails many conveniences that you may want to go for if these suit you. 

1. No commuting

One evident perk of this profession is not having to take your car, the bus, or the metro.  A work-from-home job allows you to save time.  Instead, spend an extra hour enjoying a good morning routine.

I make the most of this sacred time.  When I see how I use my time now, compared to the time I worked in companies, I see a difference.  I sometimes had to gobble up breakfast, just to leave home on time.  Now I can choose to enjoy it properly.

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2. Convenient remote working 

Companies that build a remote team, may also look for a virtual assistant online.  Brands prefer to save money when possible. Depending on the nature of the organization, having a VA could be ideal.

You can find a convenient place in your house to set up your office.  I prefer a minimalistic space, with all my tools well organized.  My family knows that I’ll be available only if there’s anything urgent during work time.  Defining clear boundaries is crucial for better productivity.

You can stay in comfortable clothes and shoes.  Working in your home office is simple.  Looking professional is also key, especially when on a call.

I find it useful not to have to put on makeup every day.  It helps to let my skin breathe.  I also save money on apparel, rent, and car petrol.

3. Flexible working

Working with a boss, you’ll have to adapt to their agenda to some extent.  For example, if you have a zoom call, you’ll be given the time.  On the other hand, there may be other tasks that you can accommodate as you prefer.

If you’ve got administrative work to complete, such as writing emails, you may draft them in advance.  Some tasks are flexible, others not.  Certain to-dos may be a mixture of both.

4. Choose your client

There indeed tends to be much competition in the job market.  However, you can choose your boss to some extent.  Depending on the terms and conditions, you may even work with different clients at the same time. 

5. Freelancing advantages

As a freelance VA, you can work with various clients at the same time.  You can normally choose when to work, depending on the tasks.  You have more freedom of your own compared to employees.

6. Working experience 

Having worked on different freelance projects, you can add them to your virtual assistant portfolio.  These showcase what you’ve done.  When pitching to leads for new projects, give proof of your experience.

When you get repeat business from the same brand, request a testimonial.  Satisfied clients may happily agree.  Keep your list updated by adding new ones as soon as possible.

There are many platforms, such as Upwork, and Fiverr.  Joining them can be helpful.  However, it’s often said that new freelancers have to compete against more established members.  Having your portfolio on your own site can also be helpful.  

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7. Reach out

Virtual assistant marketing is crucial.  Position yourself for the job market.  You can do much of it online before meeting or having a call.

Pitching by email is often a form of cold calling.  Use Linkedin and join groups.  Talk to people you already know. 

If a brand has a procedure, such as applying through their website, follow it.  Finding the right person to contact is key.  If you only get an info@companyname.com email address, it might be a waste.  

Unsolicited emails are often ignored.  Do extra research to find out where there are opportunities.  When contacting the brand, show how you can cater to their needs.

8. Network get known

In addition to online networking, you may go to events.  Find out if there are job fairs in your area.  Join new recruitment platforms and read the local newspapers.

9. Simply administrative

There could be different types of tasks to complete.  Some could be more clerical, others administrative.  The skills needed could be different, based on the client’s needs and industry.

You could offer general administrative services or a specific industry.  Some examples are if you have a background in finance, tech, or legal.  Many brands may prefer someone familiar with the field.

10. Enjoy side-hustle

When done as a part-time activity, it can be more of a gig.  If you’ve tried it and enjoy it, take it full-time.

Any brand would want a serious person.  Even if you take it as a side-hustle, show professionalism.  It could potentially bring in more work, based on your performance. 

11. Be a solopreneur

When you work as a freelancer, you offer your services.  It’s a business in itself.  You’re the boss, even though you work with others.

Know your operations, financing, and marketing well.  Have a business plan to guide you along the way.  Set your goals and achieve them.

12. Build your skills

If there are skills that you need to develop, take courses.  Online courses are often affordable.  These are also flexible and convenient.


Remote working, freelancing, and being a solopreneur has many benefits.  If this type of work or side-hustle is for you, go for it.  If you require skill-building, enroll in a suggested online course (mentioned in my article).  These were benefits of a virtual assistant home job.

You may choose to get a certificate.  The IAP Career College offers such online courses.  Take a look at what they have to offer.

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