Your professional achievement is likely to be a top priority for you! You went to school as a child and probably moved on for higher education as well. You either started or will start a job or work as your own boss. Personal development is an ongoing process, read on for more.

Tips how to be successful in life

I’m a blogger who shares self-help hacks.  My niche is self-improvement, sharing what I learn and experience.  You may have a desire to realize something valuable to you uniquely.

I fully support the view that victory means different things to different people.  How you define it and the goals you choose are unique.  Follow your life purpose for meaningful goals.

There could be many situations when societal norms state what progress is.  However, working hard on projects that you treasure, is key.  Triumph in one sphere or area can be more important to one person than another, and vice versa.

For example, my experience taught me to go for my ‘raison d’être’.  Moving away from the rat race and the corporate world was a blessing.  This, of course, is different for everyone.  I‘ve been working on my terms for over 9 years (at the time of writing).

In this post, I’ll bring together 15 tips about personal development, linking to my published articles:

1.  First of all, decide what it is that you genuinely want to achieve. Read set the right goals for next year. You can start setting goals at any time of the year as well. So start now if you haven’t already set your goals.

2. To work on living what you want, based on your dreams and true values, read how to plan your day for intentional living.

3. If you’ve already set goals that you’re working on, see 10 daily habits for productivity and how to plan your day for better productivity.

4. While ups and downs are normal, you still need to move on and achieve what you want to! Find out more about 10 reasons to persevere.

5. Do you often avoid starting new projects because you feel you’re not good enough yet? Take a look at 10 reasons not to be a perfectionist.

6. On the other hand, do you instead keep putting work on hold too often, which results in delays? Read about 20 simple ways to stop procrastination.

15 tips for a successful professional life, Tips from Sharvi.
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7. Have you ever approached solving an issue in a structured way? Click on solve your problem in 7 steps.

8. Do you want to optimize productivity while managing your stress level? See how to cope with multitasking if not avoid.

9. Communication is primordial, whether for professional or personal reasons. Read a story on effective communication.

10. Are you a people pleaser? How to say no to people when needed is important for long-term benefits!

11. Daily reading has diverse benefits! Click on 8 reasons to read daily.

12. Failing is part of the journey to success. Learn from past mistakes and find 5 ways failure helps success!!

13. Do you duly build on your circle of support? Read about networking.

14. I love working from home! With an educational background in Business Administration, I’ve had corporate working experiences. However, I chose to be my own boss. Find out more at 8 advantages of working from home.

15. You need to take a break, relax and recharge so that you’re fresh for work again! Read about the benefits of no screen time and the need for a digital detox.

Take a look at any articles you want to know more about.  Learning and self-improvement are ongoing.  These are lifelong and benefit all.


In this blog post, I’ve brought together links about different topics that I’ve written about regarding personal development.  What are your tips on how to be successful in life, in particular, professionally?

Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.

15 tips for a successful professional life, Tips from Sharvi.
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30 thoughts on “15 tips for a successful professional life

  1. I have to read more about how to cope with multi-tasking. It is something that I do everyday, and although it is very stressful, I just can’t see myself doing just one task at a time. I will also share the link on how to avoid procrastination to my son. He does this often and it annoys me when he realizes that he has a ton of work to do and is super pressed for time.

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