Do you take advantage of productive activities at home?  Many meditative pastimes are relaxing and constructive at the same time.  Read my article for ideas.

1. Walking is great

Walking is a meditative therapy.  It’s also a good exercise for staying in shape.  When you’re active in the morning, don’t you feel that you’ve got the vitality for the rest of the day?

No wonder fitness is such an important part of a morning routine.  Walking is an exercise that many people practice.  It also helps to be thoughtful.

I practice this form of exercise and enjoy it.  How does it help me in being productive?  Being contemplative at the same time, I found some great blog topics to write on!


2. Garden stroll

Similar to walking as an exercise, a garden stroll is marvelous.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to relax, be thoughtful, and get inspired.  Do you need to gain some valuable me-time?  Go for it!

I love my garden and often post photos I’ve taken on Instagram.  I relish the sweet breeze on my face, the green grass, flowers, and even birds chirping sweetly.  Once more, I’ll say that some of my blog ideas come while I practice this activity.

Do you agree that by admiring nature, you can learn much from it?  The blue sky and green trees are colors that are known to be relaxing.  Spend time in it regularly, or as often as possible to feel serene and get back to work with better productivity.

3. Journaling benefits

Taking notes is crucial.  Journaling can support you in many ways.  Choose from a variety of paper formats or go digital with an app.

I use it to keep track of my goals,  It supports me in being accountable.  Doing so brings better results since I started using it.

Holding yourself accountable either through a buddy or a system of your own, such as journaling is key.  Life gets in the way and distraction is everywhere.  Remain focused and see regularly how well you’re doing.

4. Mindfulness is key

Meditation is naturally introspective.  While being calming, it clears the mind.  With a fresh mind, you can often think better to find solutions.

Work burnout causes exhaustion, stealing away energy.  This is counter-productive.  Taking regular breaks during work is essential.

Mindfulness supports me a lot.  Not only is it great for serenity, but it also gives me better insights into issues.  I find solutions to the concerns that I face.

5. Yoga is wonderful

Yoga is a way of life.  It includes many great teachings and is useful in many ways.  It unites the body, soul, and mind.

I practice breathing exercises in the morning.  Taking in oxygen has many benefits.  I feel fresh, both physically and mentally.

Have you incorporated such activities into your morning routine?  If not, then try it.  Even for only a few minutes daily, it’s rewarding.


6. Enjoy serene music

Listening to music is a fantastic way to unwind.  There are many genres and each person has their own choice.  When it comes to working, calm music is beneficial.

Work smart and optimize time spent along with the tasks that you accomplish.  Listen to music that aids in concentrating and completing your to-dos.  It’s better to avoid loud and fast tracks (unless it’s what you need).

I make the most of being a solopreneur and blogger.  In my home office, serene music accompanies me.  It motivates while favoring concentration.

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7. Solve puzzles

Do you love to spend time playing games?  These could be through online videos or physically in person.  Such activities prompt you to ponder.  Through them, you can practice how to make decisions.  

When I was a child, I played puzzles a lot.  It helped me to develop important skills.  Solving problems is crucial in life.  Why not practice through games and have fun?

What are your favorite amusements?  What did you play when you were younger?  It could be interesting to revisit those for all the benefits they bring.

8. Washing dishes

Has someone ever told you how much they love doing the dishes?  The flow of water on their hands feels unwinding.  The action of scrubbing the dishes with a sponge has a rhythm.

I support this feeling too.  When I wash utensils, it’s a reflective moment that I enjoy.  It allows me to calm down and feel great.

You may have a dishwasher as I do at home.  This is a handy appliance that helps to save time.  However, cleaning a few manually can be a wonderful experience.

9. Say no to clutter 

Clutter tends to distract.  On the other hand, a neat and orderly view is inviting.  Some people prefer the opposite, as they choose messy places.

I’m comfortable in minimalistic and contemporary settings.  I have a few essential stationeries on my desk that I can find easily.  Storing everything else away until I need them is convenient.

The action of decluttering itself is beneficial.  Similar to washing dishes, this chore is rewarding.  Plan for a time during the weekend to sort through your belongings.  Are there things that you don’t need that take up space?

10. Paint as a hobby

Art is beautiful.  It’s a valuable talent to develop.  Take it as a hobby or even professionally.

I painted at school as a child and teenager.  Nowadays, I love looking at breathtaking pieces created by others.  The process of achieving such crafts is amazing.  It reproduces what the artist has imagined and even tells a story.

Needless to say, drawing, coloring, and other related techniques are tranquilizing.  They’re projects that make you feel good while being productive.  You spend a great time and achieve interesting results.

Flow state 

This is a term used in psychology.

In positive psychology, a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by the complete absorption in what one does, and a resulting transformation in one’s sense of time.[1][2] – as on Wikipedia

Choose to be in such a state, and crush your goals for the better.  Having clear aims is vital, as ambiguity leads to time-wasters.  Know your true priorities.

These are various pastimes that you can choose from, according to your taste.  The list isn’t exhaustive.  Use it for inspiration and find your best option.


Make the most of your spare time at home by choosing what to do thoughtfully.  Would you like to comment on your experience?  If you know someone who should gain from meditative productive activities, do share my article.  Thanks!!

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  1. My eyes lit up when I read #8. I find washing dishes, etc., such a reflective and grounding experience. Many don’t agree, such as my daughter! However, I find it therapeutic. As you’ve said – each to his own!

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