How does having a goal-oriented motivation help? When you work towards realizing your dreams, you want to succeed. Inspiration is crucial. Read on to see how being self-driven toward your purpose helps.

Being a self-improvement blogger, I set objectives. Some are at the personal level, and others, are professional. I love to share valuable experiences with my readers. For more about your personal life, you may wish to read my article about New Year’s resolutions

1. Goal-oriented motivation

Being focused on your purpose has many benefits. You give attention to what matters most. It saves resources and avoids time wasters.

When you value and believe in your aims, it’s meaningful. This is a form of true inspiration. It’s also a reason to persevere in the long term.

There are some theories and research on relevant topics. Read about it on Wikipedia. My article focuses on the practical side of things. This is how you may experience it in daily life (as I do).

2. Need for achievement

There can be many definitions of success. As an individual, you may have a different vision compared to someone else. Likewise, each person may choose to be on a different type of mission.

When it comes to family, there are common intentions. Parents work to provide financially. There are family vacations to plan together, and so on.

In certain areas, you may easily decide at the individual level. What you prefer to read may prompt you to select a book. Which ice cream flavor you prefer can be a simple personal choice.

I decided to become a solopreneur. This happened over nine years ago (at the time of writing). It wasn’t always easy, but I’m thankful for having made this choice.

3. Learning needs

Throughout life, you grow personally. It’s an ongoing process. Build the right skills to achieve your set targets.

Hone your talents and skills. Develop side hustles from your hobbies. Have fun and benefit in more ways simultaneously.

Having clear intent is crucial. When you value what you want to achieve, you believe in it. The drive to perform is worth the effort.

When you find that you need to polish your skills, take action. Be sure what you need to improve. Enroll in a course, find a coach, or join a community to network.

Use your plan as a yardstick to measure progress. You can evaluate how well you move towards your objectives. Spot anything that needs to be reviewed and maybe change it.

I always aim to learn more about blogging. Practicing supports improvement. The year I launched my email list, I had to build relevant skills. Know what you need to equip yourself and fill the gap.

4. Problem-solving

You may ask, goal-oriented or result oriented, which is best? It can differ from person to person. It can be based on the situation.   

When you face issues, you may ask yourself how to go about them. There can be many approaches, depending on the given circumstances. In many cases, taking a goal-oriented decision-making approach is helpful.

I once attended a workshop on creative problem-solving techniques. It was interactive, and I learned a lot. Take a look at this article for more if you wish to.

5. Project management

Whatever you undertake, personally or professionally, it’s best to plan. Even when you shop, have a list and a budget in mind. At work, have SMART (specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time-related) targets.

A project involves time, effort, and other resources. These are limited in nature. Use them carefully.

You work to realize a dream or vision. It can be someone else’s, such as a company founder. It could even be for your own business. Mission statements show purpose.

On projects, objectives have to align with the overall mission. Every small step and milestone works towards a bigger purpose. Being goal-oriented, you can work smarter.

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6. Teamwork

A team works together for a common purpose. You may be the leader or a member. Your activities are likely to be geared toward success.

There needs to be clarity. If members don’t know why they’re participating, they’ll feel lost. The leader has to listen to and encourage them.

If there’s a lack of communication, it can be regrettable. There should also be trust and respect. It’s important to stay on track and relevant to the team’s targets.  

7. Solopreneurs in action

Solopreneurs tend to work alone. They can have the luxury of setting their agenda as they please. Being one, I value such perks.

With the possibility to do activities when I prefer, I gain much. I can go to the bank for tasks when convenient. I can also decide to take a 4-day week for personal needs.

Ensuring productive use of my time is crucial. If I ever neglect my work, no one will scold me. However, knowing my duties, personal and professional, is the key. 

Being self-motivated has many benefits. There are times when you may feel discouraged, and the driving force may decrease.  Choose discipline to keep going.

8. Bloggers at work

In addition to being a solopreneur, I’m also a blogger. These are two separate activities. I work from home.

In the blogosphere, there’s space for much creativity. Be yourself, be genuine, and innovate. Having monetization targets is crucial unless you’re purely a personal blogger.

Although I normally have full control over my time and decisions, I’m accountable to myself. Neglecting work is never ok. A serious blogger has to meet targets and practice self-care as well.

9. Freelancers from home

I’ve also been a freelancer, although I currently focus on the other two mentioned activities. I’ve worked with companies from my abode. Doing so gave me some degree of autonomy, but not fully. 

As a freelancer, I often catered to the companies’ schedules. For example, I had to attend meetings at their specified times. I was also happy to work towards their set targets.

10. Facts and analysis

When it comes to evaluation, using stats is helpful. Performance helps to measure success. It may be for a project or an individual.  

Trying to pin down how successful your activities are, you refer to your plan. The plan provides action to meet set objectives. It’s your yardstick to measure performance.

A goal-oriented person recognizes the importance of having direction. They have a purpose in mind. Their actions are guided towards it.


Remain focused on your inspiration. Take the right actions to achieve your success targets. Make the most of goal-oriented motivation.

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