How often should I post to my blog?  If you ask yourself this question, read on.  I’ve shared some facts from reliable sources, as well as my experience.


How often should a blogger post?  Let’s consider publishing one new article every day.  You’ll need to do so for the long term, even years to come. 

You’ll have many articles faster.  If well optimized, you can rank quicker on Google and other search engines.  You might also be able to drive more traffic before waiting for many months or years.

You may be all excited at the start, but when life gets in the way, it can be hard.  You may have to stop posting as frequently.  Could this impact how Google sees your site?

It tends to be a challenge, especially in the long term.  When newbies start, the excitement may be at its best.  It’s said that the majority of blogs don’t make it till their first anniversary.

Joining the blogosphere is easy.  There are close to no barriers to entry.  However, it requires patience and working smart.


I publish a new article every week.  I also aim at updating older ones every month.  This habit works for me.

There’s a research article on, a company based in Chicago.  It contains many helpful facts and statistics.  It informs that…

‘The bloggers who publish 2-6 times per week

are 50% more likely to report strong results.’

For those who can keep up with it, 2-6 times per week may be a great option.  The quality of the content matters too.  You’ll need tons of ideas, relevant to your ideal readers and niche.

With longer articles, you need to work more.  However, there’s no point in saying things in thousands of words when they can be said in 500 words.  The more comprehensive and original a piece of content is, the better it tends to be.

Don’t compromise quality over quantity.  You may end up writing more, but delivering less value to your readers.  Say no to work burnout, and stay productive.

I find that posting once a week helps me have enough content ideas that last.  If I’d publish too much every week, I could run out of good topics.  Writer’s block can happen to anyone.  Find the right balance for yourself.


How about limiting yourself to once a month?  It could be considered a bare minimum.  However, if you want to monetize your platform, you’ll need to be more competitive.

If you have an email list, even emailing your subscribers only once a month may be difficult.  They tend to forget you.  When you contact them, they may feel confused and unsubscribe.

Having an article a month may be reasonable in certain industries.  However, aim for better than that if you can.  You also may want to build your social media platforms, which require more time, content planning, and posting.

You might choose to take your work a step further by making videos.  The value of videos cannot be underestimated.  However, it often takes more time than writing, so plan proactively for consistency.

Find more statistics from this post from


Why is it important to post to a blog regularly?   Post frequency can vary.  Maybe you feel that you can’t keep up with it 2-6 times a week.  Publishing less can be fine if you’re consistent.

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Bar chart


Find the right balance that works best.  Consider your available time, set goals, and prioritize.  When you treat it like your work, you take a business-like approach.

You may be working full-time and want a side hustle.  Plan your content calendar accordingly.  You don’t want to start with unrealistic targets and give up after some time.

I’ve been operating from my home office for over nine years.  My site exists for five years.  These are figures at the time of writing.  If you read my post months or years later, that would change.

I normally dedicate around four to five hours a day.  I also take a four-hour weekday when I need to.  Aside from my writing side hustle, I work with a company (being my own boss).

When you consider all your responsibilities in life, you can better plan realistically.  How many hours will you put in per week?  On which days can you work better?  

Are you looking for a list of recommended tools and resources?  You’ll find a productivity freebie and suggested online courses as well. Visit my resources page for more.


Avoid work burnout at all costs.  There’s no advantage to feeling fatigued.  It makes you feel your worst and prevents productivity.

Have a good self-care routine.  Unwinding daily is a must.  If you don’t it could have many undesired results.

When aiming for publishing too much, there could be a risk of overwhelm.  Often going slower, and steadier brings better results.  Take regular breaks, drink water, go for a walk and come back.


Motivation is often at its best when you have a new dream.  Your inspiration is strong.  You’re likely to be full of enthusiasm and a high spirit. 

After some time, life can get in the way.  Obligations take over.  If you’re not patient, you may feel that blogging isn’t paying off.

One hack that has helped me is discipline.  I have a proper agenda for my tasks.  Have a content calendar and respect it.


The blogging frequency you choose should align with your business needs.  It should also be a good balance to be sustainable.  Hiring writers may be an option if you choose to.  It’s a great way to get more content in less time.

I’ve always created my content.  It adds a personal touch to my site.  I value original work that shows my true personality.

When you’re selling products, digital or physical, you need a serious approach.  Any business does.  Even if you’ve just started with ads and affiliate marketing, you need enough traffic from visitors.

Organic visits

Publishing consistently is crucial.  Posting every day during the first month, but once a week after that may be unfavorable.  What if you then start posting once a month, and then even rarer?  

When you want to rank well on search engines, learn SEO.  Find the current best practices.  If you have the budget, maybe find a freelancer to handle it.

I’ve seen an improvement since I started using the premium version of an SEO tool.  Using free versions is helpful.  However, get the most by upgrading when you have a budget for it.

Find the frequency that suits you best.  Do take into account your business goals.  Say no to work burnout and embrace working smart.


You may choose to publish 2-6 times per week.  You may even find that doing so less works for you.  Be consistent and work smart for better productivity.  If you’re looking for some great resources, take a look at my page.

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Writing paper and pen

10 thoughts on “How often should I post to my blog?

  1. Blog posting works differently for different people as their schedule, lifestyle or energy may dictate how they go about their routine.

    I am one who has seriously blogged for sixteen years- and I completely love it. I am one who also always writes all my own content too.

    To each his or her own, whatever works best for them on how often or how less they post at times as long as they enjoy what they do.

    I once went an entire year without writing a post years ago and still had a loyal following and gained visitors. So, it is not always about how often we post but how we put our heart and loyalty into what we do. It is about being real/authentic.

    You wrote a great beneficial informative post!

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