Great public speaking skills are valuable.  There are many professional reasons for developing them.  Read my article to find out why you shouldn’t miss out on them.

Have you given your first public speech yet?  This could have been on the occasion of your cousin’s wedding, for a university project, a business presentation, an informal get-together with colleagues, etc.  Whether standing behind the lectern for a formal speech with ‘all protocols observed’, or for a fun event, such as a party, these are all occasions for us to use our speaking skills!

My learning experience has been through my former membership with the organization Toastmasters International.  Practical physical meetings are run by local clubs, present in many countries.  If you want to find out more about Toastmasters, visit Wikipedia.    

Let’s dive into 10 professional benefits:

1. Public speaking fears 

How public speaking can help you?  Overcome the fear of it.  It’s often said to be one of the most despised and resisted activities, at least in general.  When you learn to and get used to it, you can have more opportunities in life.

2. Break the ice 

Are these skills inborn or learned?  I believe that the answer could be both.  Making the first step toward others and warming up a conversation has many advantages.

Extroverts may break the ice easier compared to introverts.  However, we can all learn the techniques.  Cultivate and practice them regularly.  The decision to start learning must first be voluntary.  Keep practicing for continuous improvements.     

3. Leave your comfort zone

Resistance is normal when you’re not used to giving speeches or talking on camera.  As a blogger, coach, or business person, make effort.  Otherwise, you’ll miss out on new leads, potential clients, and sales.

Everyone benefits from taking challenges.  Personal growth comes with it.  Take calculated risks and get used to new abilities.

4. Effective meetings

Practicing public speaking not only enhances our skills for giving speeches but extends to other areas, having diverse and holistic benefits.  For example, after starting my own business, I realized that I could make use of my acquired skills for conducting more effective meetings.

I was a solopreneur, however, I also had to meet people.  While I’m rather an ambivert, I made some effort.  What I practiced at the club, gave me an edge.

5. Network at events

I saw that I got better at networking at events.  Having learned the techniques and practiced at the club, it felt natural.  The more you practice, the easier it tends to be.

Habits become natural.  They may even feel like second nature.  You no longer need to force a sincere smile, but it flows genuinely.

Microphone. Text: Great public speaking skills: 10 professional benefits,

6. Product presentations

I felt more comfortable giving product presentations.  I could also better understand client needs.  Careful and attentive listening is also a crucial part of the communication process.

You may be in any role, and having these skills are an advantage.  Some people have more scope for meeting clients.  Others tend to be inside the office.  However, it can help in many ways.

Marketers and salespersons need to make sales.  Coaches need to deliver and mentor.  Back office staff may not meet clients much, however, they also have to convince and persuade at times.

Bloggers and vloggers may launch their digital or even physical products.  Speaking on camera for social media is a great way to sell products.  The approach is often less formal than being on stage.

7. Lifelong learning skills

Public speaking is not a one-off learning matter. You always build on skills learned. While you can start at any time, keep learning forever!   

Techniques include feeling comfortable and building self-confidence.   Organize your speech, body language, and vocal variety.  Conduct proper research on your chosen topic, and use props for visual aids and illustrations.  Skills include persuading, inspiring your audience, and making people laugh.    

All professionals can take advantage of skill-building.  Be it in corporate jobs, business persons, or solopreneurs working from home.  Enjoy getting better all the time.

8. Job interview confidence

You may find that your learned skills are beneficial during a job interview.  Feel more relaxed and apt at using a better tone of voice and body language.  Make proper eye contact when necessary.  

Interview skills can improve over time and with experience.  Prepare for them in advance.  Feeling more at ease, you could also feel your best.

Even if you work on your terms, you may get interviewed.  For example, influencers partner with brands.  I’ve had Zoom calls with brands with brands that I work with.

9. Supports other talents

When you face an audience, showing your other talents can be easier. For example, if you’re a good singer, but hesitate out of shyness, going to public speaking classes may help you to get out of your shell. Get used to going on stage, and eventually sing in public. Give lovely concerts as well!

Simple speeches are often the best, as they are easily understood and remembered by everyone.  Tailor your content to your audience’s level and need.  Avoid using technical jargon unless you’re addressing a specific industry audience.

10. Always improve

Take constructive criticism positively in the form of feedback.  It’s beneficial for self-improvement.  It can hurt to find that someone opposes your ideas.  However, when possible, learn from it.

Some people will be out there to discourage you with useless criticism.  Others will support, cheer, and encourage you.  Some give valuable feedback for improvement.  Make the most of the second and third types, as it’s in your best interest.

Although it may feel uncomfortable, go for it.  Sharpen your skills by learning and practicing.  Go on stage or speak on camera.


Recognize the benefits of getting out of your comfort zone.  Learn, practice, and hone the skills.  Enjoy and further sharpen your great public speaking skills.

Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Presenter and listeners. Text: Great public speaking skills: 10 professional benefits,
Presenter and listeners

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  1. I stood up in front of a large crowd to give a testimony I wrote- it was wonderful.
    It is all about confidence and stepping forward into paths that can bring out the “sparkle” in us.

    The sparkle can eventually turn into bolts of lightening to bring out roars that allow us to soar.

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