Does coffee make you productive?  You may be a lover of the drink.  Read my article to see how it helps and also find other valuable routines.

Do you drink brew for effectiveness?  You may find that it tastes great and gives you a punch of energy.  You may also find that it helps you to work smarter.  

Read my other article on flow state triggers.  You’ll find some handy ways for better concentration.  Being at your desk, you can use the tips for better results.

I used to be a tea lover for many years.  Once, I was offered a latte and I never looked back.  Although I had tasted it many times before, on that day, I chose to have it daily.

Some people like it strong, while others find the same ones too bitter.  Having it the way that suits you is a choice.  I like mine not too strong.

There are many varieties to choose from.  Espresso, cappuccino, latte, and mocha are a few to name.  Find a list on Wikipedia.


There are various benefits of the brew.  The taste and the impact it can have on performance are two major ones.  I even treat myself to it with cake to celebrate achieving my blogging goals.  

Coffee productivity study

Does caffeine make you more productive?  There are some research and theories on why the drink improves performance.  An article on the Harvard Health Publishing website listed caffeine among foods linked to better brainpower.

‘The caffeine in your morning cup of coffee or tea

might offer more than just a short-term concentration boost.‘

Taking breaks 

Coffee for productivity In the workplace?  Taking breaks gives employees some time to recharge.  They then get back to their desks feeling fresh.  It’s a great habit that helps to focus on tasks.

Bloggers, freelancers, and other solopreneurs have to be careful.  Working alone can lead to burnout.  You have to take initiative and move from your desk to unwind frequently. 

If you’re looking for hacks on working smarter, I’ve got a gift for you!  Download the ultimate productivity checklist.  Find and adopt the right habits in your daily life.

Cup of hot beverage. Text: Does coffee make you productive: 10 crucial routines,
Cup of hot beverage


No matter how heavenly this liquid may be, you better consume it in moderation.  Students may take it during the exam revision period.  However,  if not careful, it could instead lead to something else.

Productivity without coffee

When coffee doesn’t work, it could even worsen things.  Some people may take too much of it.  This could result in having the opposite of the desired effect.

Avoid getting addicted

Taking too much caffeine is often not recommended.  If you overdo it, it could be in vain.  Find the right balance for yourself.

Some people can have it at any time of the day.  However, if you exceed the normal quantity, it could prevent proper sleep.  Read about the health effects of it on Wikipedia.

‘At high doses, typically greater than 300 mg,

caffeine can both cause and worsen anxiety.’

Important routines

In the second part of this article, I’ve listed 10 routines.  If you’re looking for ways to boost performance, go for a practical lifestyle.  Make the most of some great daily habits.  

Embrace routines that support success.  There are some natural ways to boost energy.  Even if you decided to decrease caffeine intake, these are still activities that you can go for.

1. Go caffeine-free 

Prefer the decaffeinated versions.  Even herbal tea could help. These may not taste the same, but they help.

I don’t use this alternative.  However, I do limit my daily caffeine intake.  Some people are used to it and the difference in taste doesn’t matter to them.  

2. Enough sleep

Consuming more than needed could cause sleepless nights.  I get insomnia if I drink too much.  Having cups later in the afternoon and evenings also causes me discomfort.

When you wake up drowsy the next morning, you could lack energy.  If you don’t feel fresh, it can affect performance levels.  I prefer having my cup with breakfast and avoiding any more later.

3. Drink more water

If you want to find alternative options, favor water.  It’s something you can’t live without, like oxygen.  It’s also a great thirst quencher.

I admit that water is my favorite drink. Although I also enjoy juices and milkshakes but consume H20 the most.  It keeps me hydrated and relaxed.

4. Lemon juice water

Many people start the day with a few glasses of water.  Some add a few drops of lemon juice to it.  Others prefer aloe vera or infuse herbs.  

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5. Fitness activities

Getting active is a great way to feel energetic.  After a morning workout, don’t you feel a rise in vitality?  It’s conducive to a fruitful day ahead.

The action of exercising itself doesn’t guarantee a successful day.  However, it’s a start to a rich day ahead.  Having vitality and discipline are key benefits.

6. Morning walks

Spend time with nature and reconnect with yourself.  Nature hikes are relaxing and inspiring as well.  I love garden walks. 

7. Yoga routine

Practice yoga daily.  It’s a great habit to include in your morning routine.  When you feel relaxed, you can go through your work with ease.

8. Mindfulness

Meditation is a wonderful way to clear the mind.  With the hustle and bustle, you may feel exhausted.  Relaxing can support you in getting more done in less time.

9. Breathing exercises

Breathing yoga is known as pranayama.  Learn the techniques.  Practice and feel the difference.

10. Nutritious foods

Lead a healthy lifestyle.  Prefer foods that contain enough vitamins, minerals, and all the necessary components.  Avoid excessive fast foods.

Does coffee make you productive?  I’d say yes, it does help to give a boost.  It also has other advantages, aside from being a delicious treat!

There are reasons to control intake.  If you indulge, it may lead to a counter-effect.  Enjoy this lovable brew, but be careful not to overdo it.


As promised, I listed the pros and cons.  I then gave 10 valuable routines that support performance.  Download your checklist and enjoy working smarter. Cheers to coffee for productivity, with moderation! 

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Increasing bar graph

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