Don’t check your email first thing in the morning, why?  There could be many opinions on the matter.  Some are pros, others cons.  Read on to see why it’s better to avoid doing so, and why not. 

Like anyone else, many bloggers and solopreneurs wake up and reach out for their phones.  Ask yourself, do you have this habit?  How long do you stay with it before you get on with the rest of your morning routine?

Checking email first thing in the morning may be helpful.  On the other hand, it may also not be.  See the reasons for and against in my post.


I’ll start with the reasons not to.  Your devices are handy and help in staying connected.  However, overdoing it can lead to unwanted results.

Morning routine

If you start the day by scrolling and do so for too long, you waste moments.  This habit can get you in a reactive state.  Instead, enjoy a serene sunrise for better self-care and productivity.

Prioritize some exercise, yoga, and meditation instead.  Take the opportunity to prepare and relish a nutritious breakfast.  Journal and take a walk or jog outdoors.

A digital detox helps to live in the moment.  When overwhelmed, take a good break.  Limit your screen time.

Bloggers may not commute to work, unlike those in corporate jobs.  Working from home has such advantages.  This means you have some valuable spare moments, so make the most of them.

I love and value having my home office!  It’s only a few steps away.  This gives me a better chance to enjoy pleasant daybreak.

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Being on your phone too much can lead to burnout.  The fear of missing out forces many people to keep updated about everything.   However, the joy of missing out supports the value of enjoying some solitude.  Read my two articles on FOMO and JOMO.

The internet is amazing.  It helps in so many ways.  In your personal life, you stay connected to close ones.  Professionally, especially as a blogger, it’s a crucial place for your blog!

Know where to draw the line.  Focus on your priorities.  Make good use of your inbox and the rest can wait.

Unproductive habit

When you stay in bed scrolling, you could spend hours on not-so-important content.  Social media can dictate what you see in your feeds.  Electronic messages in your inbox can also prompt you to open and read those that can wait till later.

Going through your inbox is important.  However, some messages don’t require an immediate response.  If you start opening all or most of them, it could take an hour, if not more.

Spending lengthy moments on your phone may lead to procrastination.  At the start of the day, there could be other activities that deserve your attention.  If you realize that you’re late, you may end up compromising other activities.

Email symbol and a rising sun. Text: Don't check email first thing in the morning,
Email symbol and a rising sun.

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There are reasons why is it bad to check email first thing in the morning.  There are also some benefits to doing so.  It could be essential for solopreneurs. 

Smarter approach

Reap the benefits of an early glance.  Simultaneously, avoid wasting your time.  Get the best of both sides.

When I get up, I first open my window for some fresh air and drink water.   Then, I do reach out for my phone.  Enjoying some fresh oxygen and hydration is my natural habit.

I focus on limiting myself by glancing.  Scanning my inbox, I see if I received any urgent messages.  This helps me to know if I need to make changes to my agenda for the day.

My ‘focused’ inbox in Outlook, displays what I normally intend to see first.  In Gmail, it’s the ‘primary’ tab.  In Google Workspace, I refer to ‘important and unread’.

My blog has readers internationally, so I do have to quickly scan for any urgent messages.  I also work with brands internationally.  With a variety of time zone differences, I make it a must to scan my inbox in a minute or two.

In case there’s urgency, I know right from the start.  I might have to change my to-dos for the day.  Knowing about anything early is crucial.  

Right balance

As a solopreneur, you may be using email marketing for your business.  It’s a great way to communicate with interested leads who have signed up.  They might have opted-in through a freebie, such as an ebook, online course, or webinar.

If you want to contact someone specific, it’s better to consider the time.  As a sender, decide at what time you should not send emails.  Otherwise, it could be seen as impolite and disturbing.

In the case of a newsletter and with an international audience, sending time may matter less.  Receivers can choose to read whenever convenient.  Those who haven’t opened for months could be stale contacts.

Newsletter subscribers may open at certain moments.  Use the best time to send, based on your stats.  Make better decisions to boost open rates.

Unsubscribe for the better.  As a receiver, you might choose to get rid of unnecessary electronic messages.  If you’ve subscribed to receive updates that are no longer relevant, let go of them.  No need to go through the information that doesn’t matter.  You can always subscribe again when you prefer.

Email management tools

When it comes to managing your communications, there are various tools.  I’m not promoting any brand in this article.  However, apps can support you.  For example, you can schedule your online correspondence, and set follow-up reminders.

Should you check your inbox first thing when you wake up?  Find the right balance for yourself.  Prioritize both, self-care and productivity in your break-of-dawn routine.


Looking at your screen when you wake up has pros and cons.  There are reasons for and against it.  Scan your inbox for any possible priorities.  Ideally, avoid checking your email first thing in the morning, or else do so in a jiffy.

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