How can you work smarter, not harder?  There are methods, hacks, and ways to get more done in less time.  My article focuses mainly on solopreneurs working from home, but can also help anyone.

I’ve been a solopreneur for nine years, and a blogger for five years.  Having found myself in various situations, I made it a must to learn productivity hacks.  Being on your own, in your home office, is great.  It also has some challenges.

If you overwork, you risk burnout.  On the other hand, if you’re laid back all the time, you risk not reaching your set goals.  Better find a reasonable balance and progress.

In this article, I’ll walk you through different ways to work smart and be efficient.  I’ll also guide you to my other articles.  Whenever you find a tip or hack that you want to know more about, just visit the relevant post.

You may be a blogger, vlogger, coach, or digital product creator.  Anyone else who works as a solopreneur from their home office as well.  Even if you have a side hustle, you’ll find handy ways from my blog.

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Set right goals

Goals guide you by reminding you and acting as a yardstick.  Looking back at them helps in many ways.  It can serve to focus on the right things at the right time.

It may sound ironic, however, getting caught up in unnecessary tasks can happen to anyone.  I use a vision board, and daily time calendar for my to-dos, and also have my goals written down and updated.

Working smart for the better has multiple benefits.  You get more done in less time.  I aim to always find better ways of doing things and share them with my readers.

Avoid burnout

Working alone, you’re prone to burnout.  Maybe there’s no one to remind you to take a break.  Have lunch on time, exercise, drink water, and get back to your desk, feeling fresh to focus again.

Flow state

Take a look at 15 flow state triggers that you can use to make things easier.  I’ve also shared about a helpful app that I use, and promote as an affiliate on my blog.  If you’d like a special discount, read the post.


Having the right mindset is crucial.  It may not be all for success.  However, it gives a boost and encourages you in what you aim for.

New skills

Learning is lifelong.  Make the most of some hacks to recall what you learn.  Mnemonics help to remember terms and acronyms.  

Hacks to use

Using keyboard shortcuts is an example of doing more in less time.  You can quickly get characters while typing.  I know the shortcuts I use the most.  I also speak french, so I sometimes need to use accent marks (eg. â, ê, î, ô, û) quickly.

Use the audio-to-text function in Google Docs.  It’s a handy way to avoid typing manually.  Ensure that your microphone works well and do speak clearly.

Woman at a desk. Text: How can I work smarter, not harder joyfully,
Woman at a desk

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Better focus

Having a productive focus is crucial.  Getting distracted often can make you waste time.  Focus on your priorities.

Time management

If you can, find a freelancer or outsource what’s possible and affordable.  This may be hard when you’re just starting.  However, later on, it helps to free up time for more important things.

Read how to save time and yet accomplish work.  For example, if it takes 2 hours to complete a task, can you do so in half the time?  Two solutions could be to automate what you can or eliminate redundant tasks.  Head over to this post for more.


Don’t give up.  There are times when everything may seem difficult.  If you’re working on the right goals, keep going.

Blogging tip

Being a blogger for five years, I’ve refined and found better processes.  If you want to benefit, read how to save time and write blog posts faster.  You’ll get some hacks that I’ve tried, find useful, and use.

Home office

Organizing your workspace is key to better productivity.  I keep my desk decluttered.  Having a minimalistic setup, with lots of ventilation helps me a lot.

Handy tools

Software, platforms, and apps can assist you a lot.  Find the right ones for your needs and budget.  I listed 35 great online tools that I use.  You can even use many of them for free.

There are some crucial aspects when running a site.  Being compliant is inevitable.  There are also other crucial things to plan for.  Read about 3 terrific tools, if you take your blog seriously.

Enjoy coffee

Does coffee make you productive?  It’s one of the things that give me a boost.  Find the pros and cons of this delicious beverage, and how it can be beneficial.

Better routines

Do people often tell you not to check emails first thing in the morning?  Maybe close ones at home have noticed this habit.  There are reasons for and against it.

I’ve found a way to stay informed about any urgent emails, while not compromising my serenity.  Morning habits are important.  Read to see how you can be productive while avoiding burnout.

Boost your productivity through these daily habits.  Some things contribute to great routines.  Take a look at them.

Internal clock

Get to know your internal clock.  It indicates the best time of day to perform your best.  It tends to be different for different people.

I find that I have the most energy in the morning.  I also tackle the important tasks first.  Sometimes, I might complete a short easy task, just to get going.  Then, I move to the hard one.

Remote working or having your home office as a solopreneur requires a good work ethic.  Sharpen your communication skills if needed.  Stay motivated, choose self-motivation and discipline.


Being on your own as a solopreneur can get hectic at times.  Choose better methods, habits, and processes.  Have a mindset and use hacks conducive to working smarter, not harder.  Get the free ultimate daily productivity checklist today. 

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Light bulb

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