Why seize opportunities?  There are various situations in life, when you may be surprised by an offer.  This is a chance that might not present itself again.  Read to see how to make the most of them.

Being a blogger is terrific.  Even though I’m in my home office, someone can just reach out with a terrific project offer through the internet.  It might not be on my plan, initially.  However, going through such emails becomes a priority.

Think of times when you had a sudden phone call, message, email, or even met someone unexpectedly.  It may have been a surprise.  Did you take the chance, even though you were not prepared for it beforehand?

There can be reasons for and against just jumping on such occasions.  Sometimes, the given circumstances are unique, so you have to consider them carefully.  My answer is to, generally, grab the prospects thankfully. 

See how and why you may choose to be open to lucky breaks:

Comfort zone illusion

It may be tempting to stay in your safe place.  However, complacency is often just an illusion of feeling protected.  Life is full of ups and downs.  You never know when you’ll have to test the waters.

In a crisis, you don’t even get the time to reflect much.  You might just have to take action quickly.  There is evolution, uncertainty, and volatility all the time.

When I started my blog, I needed some courage.  As a newbie, I wrote shorter articles.  I was also less likely to express my views in detail.  However, I got used to the habit, and gradually opened up.  

If you’re keen on blogging, you may be looking for some helpful content.

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Quit perfectionism

If you wait for perfect conditions to seize an opportunity, you might just keep waiting forever.  You may also be delayed, while others get ahead.  You can often get started at something and build your skills gradually.

I’m mostly a blogger, and writing suits me.  However, I also started making some videos.  Although I don’t yet have the perfect equipment, I use my phone and do basic editing.

The highest-quality videos are breathtaking and professional.  The good news is that you don’t have to be impeccable.  Being natural and showing your true self helps to connect with your audience.

Read my other article if you wish to.  It tells you how waiting for perfectionism could hinder your progress.  you could miss out on a lot. 

How to seize opportunities

There can be many occasions when you might suddenly receive an offer.  It’s normal to take a step back and think.  Consider before giving a reply.  

You may be doubtful, and question the genuineness of a chance that presents itself.  For example, if you receive an email, you’d like to research the authenticity first.  Staying away from creepy sites is primordial.

There are times when you might be reluctant because you doubt yourself.  A lack of self-confidence may be a barrier.  You might also know that you currently lack certain relevant skills, and need to hone them first.

Examples for bloggers 

As with any activity, bloggers should seize opportunities in entrepreneurship.  You may sometimes feel that you’re not ready.  You can also grow with experience.

I got my first sponsorship after my first blog anniversary.  A brand reached out to me for a paid project.  I didn’t know much, however, I worked on it, building the skills.

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Prepare yourself

How to seize more opportunities?  There are some things that you can do to make the most of them.  Unexpected lucky breaks are like golden blessings when you know how to catch them.

There may be no right or wrong steps to take.  There isn’t a one size fits all solution.  However, there are some things that you can use and adapt to your specific situations.

Mindset.  Have an attitude that’s conducive to personal growth.

Have a clear strategy.  Know well what you aim for.  When possibilities show up, are they relevant?

Set the right goals.  Your goals guide you to assess if something is relevant.  These should contribute to progress and success.

Have a time plan.  Using time-bounded deadlines helps to create urgency.  You know that you should focus and give priority to the right tasks.  

Action-taking.  With limited resources, ask yourself if you should dedicate yourself to a specific new activity.  If it’s worthwhile, take action consistently.

If you want more content about successful goal-setting, head over to another of my posts.  It tells you about setting higher-quality goals in life.  Use it personally and professionally.

When to say no 

Taking advantage of opportunities is so valuable.  On the other hand, you may prefer to say no, thoughtfully.  I strongly support that prospects are beneficial, however, there may be certain moments when not taking chances could be preferred.

When you accept a new project, you have responsibilities.  You have to work on it.  Considering what it takes in advance is a must.

If you start a new venture, but then cannot work on it, you may lose out.  If you’ve signed a contract, you should complete it.  Be reasonable and realistic before entering into such agreements.

Solopreneurs often do all the work alone.  Some may hire a freelance VA or team (if they have a budget for it).  It can be hectic to take on too much, so avoid burnout reasonably.  Do consider the workload to see if your wellness is a risk.


There are more reasons for grabbing opportunities for advancement.  You get chances for success, growth, and building experience.   

Formal education is a part of learning.  So are informal ways, such as online courses.  With a positive approach, you embrace lifelong learning, joyfully. 

The quality of decision-making improves.  With practice and experience, you build confidence.  These can bring wonderful rewards in the future.


Why seize opportunities?  There are reasons for and against it.  The pros often outweigh the cons.  

If you’re into blogging, vlogging, or solopreneurship see my helpful resources list.  It includes a productivity freebie as well.  Cheers to making the most of life, and seizing new opportunities!

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