Not to overwork yourself, why?  There are lots of reasons to avoid burnout.  Bloggers and anyone working from home or in their workplace should be on guard!

Occupational burnout normally refers to employees in the workplace.  It’s crucial to recognize it on time and take action from the start.  If not, it entails a series of undesired things, such as stress, fatigue, and a fall in productivity levels.

Bloggers and solopreneurs should feel concerned, as anyone else.  In your home office, work overload could take over.  Being on your own in business, you need to take the initiative on time.

Strain not only makes you feel your worst, but it also impacts your performance.  In case you find the need, do seek help from a professional in the field.  As a self-improvement blogger,  I’ll focus on the productivity side in my article. 

1. Enjoy morning routine

Start your mornings right.  Do things that energize you.  It supports you in having a more productive day for the hours to come.

I’m not a natural morning person.  I have to make an effort to wake up early.  However, the benefits are amazing!  

Opening my window first thing is a simple, yet special treat. The view of my garden always amazes me! Greenery soothes my eyes, as I breathe in the fresh air. If you’ve been on my Instagram, you know how much I love my garden!

The next essential thing I do is drink water.  After around eight hours of sleep, oxygen and hydration give a boost in vitality.  Yoga, meditation, reading, and a nutritious breakfast are other must-haves on my list.

Find your perfect morning routine.  Customize your list of primordial activities mindfully.  Bear in mind your priorities and the benefits the activities bring.


2. Ensure regular breaks

Take regular breaks while you work.  It’s known to bring better results.  Shake off the strain and get back to your desk.

I wrote a self-help article.  It highlights how solopreneurs benefit.  Head over to find some helpful habits

Make your working hours as pleasant as possible.  Having some light music supports me.  I also enjoy lots of air ventilation.  There’s no air pollution around me, so I can leave the windows open.

3. Organized home office

Have a convenient space to work.  Organize your desk and home office, to work smarter.  Plan mindfully for better results.

Backache can happen if you slouch too much.  Avoid eye strain by ensuring proper lighting and resting your eyes often.  Take them away from your screen for a soothing effect.

I ensure that I have stationeries, that are neatly kept, and easily accessible.  It helps me save time.  I also prefer a decluttered place with minimalist decor and furniture.  My chair is ergonomic. 

4. Clear boundaries

Working from home can be chaotic.  Set boundaries and have clear demarcation lines.  Know what to expect and communicate with your close ones at home.

It can be heartbreaking when you have small kids.  They will come anytime if they’re at home.  You do have to give them your attention when they need it.  You might consider adjusting your goals to cater to childcare.

When you have other adults in the household, it’s easier.  Communicate the times you’re normally available, unless urgent.  There will still be occasions when unexpected and urgent events may take over. 

I complete some personal tasks after my lunch break, before getting back to my desk.  Being my own boss, I can arrange my agenda as I prefer.  I even take a four-day workweek when I need to.

5. Be reasonable

Know how much you can take.  Don’t say yes all the time.  Say no when you have to.

It can be such a simple thing to say no.  However, you may feel obliged to do more than what you actually can.  Overwork fatigue can happen before you realize it.  Be wary and take action on time.

When you’re energetic, you can achieve more.  On the other hand, with overwork exhaustion, you may spend more time and achieve less.

Woman, laptop, and cup. Text: Not to overwork yourself: 10 hacks for bloggers,
Woman, laptop, and cup.

6. Set SMART goals

Set your goals carefully.  Consider what you want to achieve and your strategy.  The SMART criteria is a helpful framework for specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time-related goals.  Visit Wikipedia for more.

There are different frameworks, however, SMART is a popular one.  Some people prefer other methods.  Choose any that suits you best.

I journal to track my progress.  A vision board helps me to remain focused.  I also set resolutions that I work on consistently.

7. Prioritize your tasks

When you’re overwhelmed, you may feel like you need to run in all directions at the same time.  Know what your priorities are.  It makes things easier to stay organized.

I prefer using a time calendar.  On the other hand, a list of to-dos doesn’t keep track of time.  Use the time to guide you, giving priority to the right activities or tasks.

Remove any redundant tasks.  Postpone less important ones that can wait.  Don’t overwhelm yourself.

8. Focus reasonably

Concentrate on the right tasks.  Ignore all the noise.  Know where you’re truly needed.

With solopreneurship, you should know what’s happening.  However, you may also get lost in the mess.  Be selective of what matters most, as other things may have to wait.


9. Be present selectively

You can’t be everywhere simultaneously.  For example, bloggers often focus on one platform as the main one.  Others, such as social media channels, could be secondary, as they support the first one.

Choose the number of platforms you’re present with carefully. Know your limits. Read my other article for some tips. Find what works for you.

10. Self-care

Have a daily self-care routine.  Take the time to unwind and enjoy life.  It makes a significant difference when you get to work, feeling fresh.

Spend time with family.  Have a life outside of your blog, coaching, freelancing, or other solopreneurship activity.  Live in the moment.

Hobbies are crucial.  My blog started as a hobby and evolved into being also a side hustle.  Spend time on pastimes that bring value to your life, and feel replenished.


This article highlights why you shouldn’t overwork.  Anyone working on their terms, as well as those in a corporate office risk neglecting themselves.  It could cost you your health, and also your performance level.  

I also included some key hacks to help avoid it.  Feel free to use it your way.  Don’t overwork yourself, enjoy life, and relax as well for better productivity.  

Steamimg coffee. Text: Not to overwork yourself: 10 hacks for bloggers,
Steaming coffee

9 thoughts on “Not to overwork yourself: 10 hacks for bloggers

  1. Good article.
    Your 5th point is the one I liked best. It is very important to know how much you can do or handle. I deal with fatigue so I believe in the motto: All you can do is all you can do. As well I can attest to the fact that “ when you are energetic, you can achieve more.” In my case it’s do more.

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