Loving pets supports well-being.  Taking care of them is not only your responsibility but brings you pure joy.  It floods you with happiness because you love to look after it.  

Why pets are so important

You may have a dog, cat, bird, or another that you prefer.  Through my blog post, I’ll highlight how the process of caring for your pet contributes to your well-being at the same time!

Being affectionate towards your little friend will undoubtedly make the latter cheerful. Pampering your pet is fun for you too. After a long day, spending some time together helps to unwind. 

Working from home, it can be convenient to have your friends close at all times.  Bloggers, and solopreneurs, often operate from their home offices.  Those in corporate jobs may also prefer tasks done from home.


Good pets for emotional support

Who doesn’t want to pat and stroke a soft furry cat? 

‘Some cats, called “therapy cats” are trained to help ailing humans in a medically beneficial way to take advantage of the human-animal interaction for purposes of relaxation and healing. Certain breeds are desirable when looking into therapy cats due to their personality and temperament.’ – as on Wikipedia.

Looking at fish in an aquarium can help soothe and relax your nerves. After a tiring day, dim the lights, put on some soft music, and look at a fish tank. Don’t you feel like you’re meditating? 

Someone I know personally told me that she felt very sad seeing her new bird (a birthday gift from her dad) in a cage.  She opened the cage to set it free! She felt so relieved after having done so, and her bird even came back to see her once.

Cute puppy standing. Text: Loving your pet fosters well-being! tipsfromsharvi.com.
Cute puppy standing

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Pets and wellness

Having activities together, not only benefits your pet but does the same for you.  Take your dog to the local park for a walk, play ball, or jog.  Keep it on a leash for safety reasons.  Read a book under the tree while the doggy drinks some water and rests under the shade.  

Obesity can be an issue for pets too and requires attention.  Activities together can benefit you both.  Play and exercise regularly.

While we feel like spoiling our little friends, proper discipline is also an important element. Sharing your pizza may be what you are tempted to do, especially if your canine friend begs for some.  It may use sweet sad eyes to look at you. 

This in turn may result in having a ‘brat’ at home, being uncontrollable and difficult to handle. It’s your responsibility to balance love and discipline.  Bring up your pet properly, for its good, and with due respect.

Why pets are so important, can only be felt by their owners.  It’s a special bond.  I haven’t had one for years, but have precious memories of my last dog.


You may already have a pet or plan to get one soon.  Spend moments together that benefit you both in multiple ways.  Pets support well-being and make excellent companions.

Cat silhouette. Text: Loving your pet fosters well-being! tipsfromsharvi.com.
Cat silhouette

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