Evergreen versus seasonal content, which is best?  You may be a blogger or vlogger.  Even as a solopreneur, you may have a blog, social media channel, or podcast.  Read on for more.

I’m a solopreneur working on my terms.  I also run my blog to share my experience, and what I learn, both formally and informally.  I’ve been publishing one new article every week for over five years.

1. What is evergreen content?

Doesn’t it feel great when you publish a post, and it drives traffic to your site for years?  Your efforts can bring in leads, and eventually sales.  You might only update the piece of work sometimes, to keep it relevant.

Types of evergreen content include blog articles.  Through SEO best practices, you can benefit from getting visitors on autopilot for the long term.  The nature of your industry, the topic you choose, and any product you promote can influence whether it’s evergreen or not.

Why is evergreen content important?  There are multiple benefits of evergreen content.  Simply said, your hard work may bring results forever if done properly.

I previously wrote an article on the best blogging frequency.  It includes some handy industry stats as well.  You may wish to read it to find out more.

2. What is seasonal content?

Seasonal content is relevant for a limited time.  It often has the potential to create lots of interest.  It also can be trending, receive many shares, and even go viral.

You may be promoting a product or service that relates to an event.  For example, you may sell a guide for Mother’s Day.  The digital product is likely to interest your target niche during that specific time.

3. Mixing both

As you can see, one drives traffic for the long term (or forever), while the other can go viral for a limited time.  Should you depend on only one type?  Having a combination of both could be more helpful if done correctly.

Analyze your niche, and identify topics that are in the evergreen as well as those in the seasonal categories.  Make a list of evergreen content ideas.  Do the same for the other type.  

View your platform insights to find which older posts have performed best.  Ask yourself why they did so well.  Find ways to reproduce the success.

Create a seasonal content calendar.  Identify dates of events that are suitable to your target niche.  Use personas to plan your posts.

4. Productivity levels

Bloggers, solopreneurs, and anyone else benefit from a boost in productivity.  Working in your home office, you may get caught up in unnecessary tasks.  Procrastinating or burnout can also happen if you’re not careful.

Pen, paper, and phone. Text: Evergreen vs seasonal content: 8 reasons to benefit, tipsfromsharvi.com.
Pen, paper, and phone

Download my productivity checklist freebie

Quickly find helpful tips and hacks to support you.

Pros and cons of each

Both types have their benefits and drawbacks.  Spread your risks and optimize the advantages through careful planning.  Both together could be great, depending on your niche.

5. Evergreen type


The longer lifespan is a great plus point.  Through good SEO, your blog articles can generate traffic for years.  Seize the opportunity and work smarter.

When your articles rank well, organic traffic should come naturally.  You may often share the posts on social media, in newsletters, and through DMs for more views.

While SEO is helpful, AI can also play an important role.  You can use the tools to speed up research, and create an outline.  If you prefer your personality to show (like I do), write original articles.


Even this type of post can get outdated over time.  Based on your industry, and the nature of topics, posts may no longer be relevant after some time.  Update your articles periodically, or as and when needed to reflect reality.

Many creators and brands tend to go for the evergreen.  It has many advantages.  It’s not a surprise that high-volume keywords are mostly very competitive.    

Ranking on top is a true challenge.  I go for longer tail keywords, and my blog benefits.  AI tools and chatbots offer more ways to search for info.

6. Seasonal type


Holidays and event-based posts are often popular.  Plan your posts accordingly, being proactive.  The holidays and end-of-year season are a great example.  It tends to be the period for the majority of sales and discounts as well.

My self-improvement blog had mostly evergreen articles.  Being in such a niche, I can say that the end-of-year period is relevant for reviewing set goals.  However, there’s not much scope for other types of holidays.

Pinterest is a search engine that is known to boost seasonal content.  Some niches perform better than others.  Think how you can use it for desired results.


It can be exhausting to keep up with calendar dates.  It’s hard work to create content quickly, and then when the time is gone, it’s no longer trending.  You’ll have to do more work, benefitting for a shorter period, compared to evergreen content. 

7. Have a strategy

Choose which type is best for you.  Spread your risk, as much as you can.  A blend of both types could be best.

Find a good balance, mixing both types.  It’s often best not to rely on only one platform.  Avoiding burnout is also crucial for better self-care and productivity. 

Blogs can benefit from good SEO, with longer-term traffic.  Social media videos can go viral for a shorter period.  YouTube videos can drive traffic for longer durations, even forever.

As part of your strategy, you might also choose your platforms, based on your client personas.  Find out where they are present.  On which platforms do they spend more time, and also engage with your posts?

If you’re wondering if bloggers should be present on all social media platforms at once, read my article.

8. Ongoing improvement

For better results, keep an eye on your stats.  Ask for feedback.  Test and improve.

You can always get better at what you do.  Don’t lose enthusiasm, as some days are better than others.  Persistence and self-discipline boost motivation for the longer term.


Grab the free productivity checklist for bloggers and solopreneurs.  It’s a handy tool that will support you daily.  Evergreen vs seasonal content?   I’d say use a mixture of both for the better!

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Photo camera

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